JRDG Capri & mod. 112

hi all,

this is my first post post in this forum, and sorry but I'm asking for advices.

I actually own a JRDG mod. 112 main amplifier, and I'm evaluating an upgrade from my actual pre (classè six). Looking for synergy, I'm taking into consideration the Capri. Is there anybody that had any experience between these two gears?

Sorry for my poor english.....I'm italian.

thanks and ciao,
Marco, your English is just fine. I have had considerable experience with Capri. . . not driving JRDG 112, but driving JRDG Model 312 and Model 7M. Capri has very low output impedance of only 80 Ohms in balanced mode, and can drive just about anything on the market. . . and it works particularly well with Jeff Rowland's own products. Saluti e buone cose. . . Guido
I agree with Guidocorona .. Marco .. and I heartily recommend you to follow his suggestion!

Merry Christmas to the great Guido :)
thanks for your answers.
One more question: what about the internal phono card?
I'm using my turntable for about 40% of the music, then it's quite important. My idea is to use the Capri internal phono card, because according to my budget (yes, I negotiate it with my wife year by year...) if I buy the Capri I cannot buy a good external phono pre. So, for only 300Euros, considering the main and signal cables saving, I suppose this is the best solution. Has anybody some experience to report? Is it the same phono card used for other current JRDG products?

My friend uses the Benz Micro Ruby3 with Capri internal phono card and trust me Marco it works very and very well.
Marco, the Capri phono card is also used on the Continuum 500 and Continuum 250 integrated amplifiers. I am not a vinyl user, but al reports I have had this far, from the US and from Italy alike, suggest that the phono card is exceptional. Guido
I used the internal phono card with my Capri and it is quite good. It doesn't have all the fancy adjustments an excellent external phono stage might have, but it provides top rate analog sound reproduction IMO. You are getting a lot of preamp for the money.