Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Owners Manual

Has anyone received the Capri S2 Owners Manual. I purchased the preamp February and have called too many times and have been told it will be available next week. It is not even on line to download.
Hi Marty, you are right... It looks like the Capri 2 information on the Rowland Knowledge base has not been integrated yet into a single document. But there seem to be already 29 entries covering C2 internals and principles of operation at:

Until all info is consolidated into a user guide, you may also want to download the original Capri (1) manual at:

I will check with the factory today about Capri 2 manual status. ,

Hi again Marty, as promised, I spoke to the Rowland factory. I should be receiving a current draft of the Capri S2 manual today or tomorrow. Send me a PM, so I can forward the document to you as soon as I get it.

Marty, I have just received a draft of the CAPRI S2 manual.... I tried to send you a PM, but your account does not seem to be enabled for private messages. Please enable PMs, and send me a PM. Alternatively, you can contact the Rowland factory, and they should be able to send you a not-for-redistribution copy of the manual draft directly.

Regards, Guido
Hi Guido,
Thanks for your effort. I don't have a PM, my email is if that does not work, I will contact Jeff Rowland.
Hi Marty, I sent you the main manual and the Phono/DAC cards manuals in two separate emails. Let me know if they work for you. If the attachments were too large for your email account, I will send them to you via Dropbox instead. Guido
Guido, you deserve the "most helpful citizen" award!
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Is the S2 manual available nowadays online somewhere? Thank for your help.
Hi Ed, send me a PM... I will be happy to email you a copy of the Capri S2 manual.

Regards, Guido
Not sure how to send a PM via AGon. If available, you can email me at Thanks!

Hi Ed, I have emailed you the Capri S2 manual.

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Thanks all - especially for the manual, G!
All, I have received the newest version of the Capri S2 manual (V1.3).

If anyone needs it, please send me a PM.

Larry and Ed, I sent V1.3 to you in the last 30 minutes.

Saluti, G.
Guido - as always - YOU ROCK.

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