Jeff Rowland Capri S2

Is there any one can kindly share your experience with the latest Capri S2 ? How does it compare to the original Capri S? And I am also interested to learn the capability and performance of the optional DAC.

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.
Hi LongZ, Capri S2 is very new and has started to ship only at the end of January 2013, so there are not too many who have experienced it. Here on Audiogon you will find some early reports on Capri S2 on the Rowland Preamps thread, starting at:

Regards, G.
Thanks for your reply, Guidocorona.
I am also interested in the performance for Continuum S2. I guess it will take some more time before it gets reviewed or, at least, more frequently discussed.
Why don't you call Rowland and ask?? There are a very few companies that I would completely trust.....Rowland, Ayre, VPI, Vandersteen....I think that's it.
Hi LongZ, Continuum S2 may have just been released, or will be released in the next couple of weeks.... So it might be difficult to get some user reports for the next little while. But the integrated should be pretty interesting... It will include the circuit of Capri S2 for linestage services, and has an option slot for a DAC card or phono card. The unit does not incorporate PFC in its power supply, but will be compatible with the PC-1 external PFC-based rectifier.

And Stringreen is right... Lucian Pichette, former VP at Avalon, has now joined Rowland as Director Sales.... This means that now Rowland has increased its bandewidth for responding to pre-sale inquiries from audiophiles.