Jeff Rowland Capri VS Capri S2

I have been offered a JRDG Capri, with a phono stage, at a great price, I understand there is a newer version of that preamp called Capri S2. I was wondering if anyone here has had the opp to use both in their system and their thoughts and impressions of these two. The Capri S2, retails for almost double the price of the original Capri. 

Many Thanks
Nobody here has used Capri preamp?  Anyone? 

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Hi, I had both same time, side by side. The original unit has more organic sounding that I spent hours and hours without getting tired of- just listen and enjoy music But side by side, the S2 is a better unit; more refine and define across the sound spectrum. Every notes, every plucks on every musical instruments and vocals are just simply better. If I could exaggerate it, think, the original unit as a great awesome cassette player and the S2 as a DVD player when they first came out. The S2 just opens up and has more air and clarity which slightly goes out of my comfort but in the end it’s a better unit and that’s what I upgraded from my beloved Capri original. Yes, the price of S2 on used market is nearly double the Capri original, and the improvement, IN MY SYSTEM, is about a quarter but surely noticeable.
Dont get me wrong, you will still love the original immensely, but I kept the S2 because, fortunate enough, I can afford to keep it today. I prob would not keep the S2 if this was 10 years ago.
I hope this helps
Thank you for your detailed reply. What kind of power amplifire you were using with Capri?
I purchased JRDG 102 about two weeks ago, no regrets.
To OP, At the beginning, I too had JRDG 102 amp to mate with Capri original and many small bookshelves in a small room- good result(very) sweet sounding and ease to the eyes. Good combo. 
I now have VTL ST-150 tube amp to drive Sonus Faber Cremonas floorstandings. Best
Do you use power conditioners for your pre and power? 

I like using Richard Gray Power conditioner. It has the warmth and mellow that I like. I did have everything hooked up to Richard Gray including my integrated amp, but my new tube amp now goes direct to wall outlet instead of Richard Gray.