Pass Labs XA30.5 -> Line Magnetic 508ia?

As the title states, I'm considering moving from a XA30.5 power amp, using a Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp (with 60's Mullards throughout) to an intergrated tube amp, the Line Magnetic 508ia. Any owners that have gone Pass Labs to high quality tubes or even Line Magnetic?
Speakers are 90db 4ohm and find the xa30.5 has enough muscle to drive the speakers without going overly loud (I don't listen loud anyways).
There aren't a lot of impressions of the 508ia but everything is quite positive that I do find. My biggest concern is how much current (or high of quality) the power supplies can provide. I'm looking for a little lushness and sparkly highs without getting muddy or really loose with the bass.
I have owned a good amount of LM and pass kit. So while I think the LM 845 would sound great compared to pass. I think in the long run you maybe disappointed. I had trouble dealing with LM US distributor and I have also had issues with PASS gear Nelson himself fixed my pass amp when it had issue who will fix the LM?  I sold off all my LM gear and will never buy again might be why one shouldn't be rude and not supportive of early customers. I have very rude emails from LM accusing me of selling grey market LM when I tried to sell off the LM gear I bought from US dealer and from the very US distributor who has blk listing me. The distributor kept telling anyone who asked about what I was selling that it was grey market even after I sent email showing purchase receipts etc. PASS has always been saintly to deal with. So I end with I kept my PASS gear and first watt sold off LM and will never look back. So maybe consider 30.8 or a first watt amplifier if upgrading.
Thanks for your comments! I think I am done with Line Magnetic and looking more seriously at Melody.
Good move passing on LM.  I found two LM retailers (Texas and California) extremely condescending.  I bought the Pass XA-25.  Great match with the Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2.  

I guess I lucked out buying my LM 508ia. I found a dealer in North Carolina (where I live) who was extremely friendly and responsive before, during, and after the sale, and the unit itself is just spectacular in every way, especially after upgrading the stock tubes (and it sounds very good with those as well).

Sorry others have had a sour experience, but mine was the opposite.
Yeah it is unfortunate about the experience with LM Audio. I bought the little 216ia after listening at a local dealer im Cleveland, Ohio. I was impressed by this new brand he was showing as was he. I luved it, still do, but it had a transformer fail and LM replaced it through the dealer, no problems. I even got to use a big LM SET amp while I waited on mine to be repaired. I have had a bad experience with another brand, that many people really like. So, it’s a roll of the dice sometimes. I do think going through a reputable dealer helps.
I’m in the same boat as @waltersalas Had nothing but a great experience purchasing and owning my LM 508. LM continuously gets much praise for it’s build quality and sound. But there can be a lemon anywhere. The 508 is a dynamics beast and is never slow or sweet. It also has a lot of bottom end grunt and grip, detailed, airy highs when called for with a very palpable mid range. I’m currently running it with 88db speakers until my new ones come in and it never struggles.

I’m a low to medium volume listener most days but when the Scotch is calling the shots, the LM has muscle to spare.

I’m also currently running an LTA MZ2 pre amp but the LM508 pre is no slouch and I could live with it happily. All this and I’m still on stock tubes in the LM.

I’ve only heard good things about the Pass amps as well.

If your current speakers don’t have a SET friendly impedance curve, I’d probably look elsewhere.

Thanks everyone for their comments! It's always good to increase the sample size :)

@2psyop it's totally ok to name the amp if you're ok with it (or PM me otherwise, it would be appreciated).

I own the 518IA and have not had a single problem with it. I bought it new from a dealer in Florida called Wellington Audio and my experience was fine. The dealer in North Carolina is Goldprint Audio. I purchased my Manley Chinook from there and Taylor is a great guy to work with. 
Another vote for the LM508. Purchased used and certainly have been impressed. This amps digs deep especially with Psvane 805 T/2 tubes.  Instruments and vocals have presence in true SET amp fashion. I'll be happy to stay put.
Another plug for Taylor at Goldprint. He helped me out validating my unit without a sale on the table. Great guy.
I also had great a great experience when purchasing my LM 508ia. It has worked flawlessly since 2018. It responds very well to tube rolling and also running it with a dedicated preamp scales it considerably.

I was wondering if anyone knows where/how to obtain the schematics for this amp as I am looking to mod it with some upgrades. I've searched high and wide to no avail.