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A public service announcement
Tell us what they are.  Details!  
low xlr output
Not about the jumpers but... From Stereophile:   "The maximum voltage gain with the R200i's volume control set to its maximum (an indicated "59") was 46.5dB for both the balanced and unbalanced inputs." Could this be a clue?  
low xlr output
I'll guess you are bypassing the pre (direct mode).  An XLR cable has an in phase signal and a 180 out of phase signal when it arrives at the pre.  That's why there are two 'hots"  in the cable.  If you are bypassing the pre (direct mode) and usi... 
Baffled and Frustrated: Streaming/DAC Sound Issues
I have distortion similar to @designsfx but with single ended  connections.  It vanishes if I lower the volume at the streamer and raise it via the pre.  It's an over driven pre situation.   The  Aavik D280 puts out 4.5 V rms = 6.363 peak.    
New Rel Carbon Special Sub “Roars” when there is no signal!
 The 15A circuit ground still passes through the REL to the bonding.  Fingers crossed.  
New Rel Carbon Special Sub “Roars” when there is no signal!
Forgive me if I missed something but, As @sryeager noted you may have a ground loop between the two RELs.  Plugging them both to the 20A line with an extension cord would be an easy check.  An acoustic  feedback loop with the amp unplugged is a n... 
Question on component impedance mismatch
No volume control on the streamer?    
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
“I have tried every speaker placement you can think of, toe in, toe out. distance from front wall and I am adding acoustic treatments as fast as they can be shipped. “  “If I decide after all my room treatments that I am not a fan of the Sonus Fab... 
Is a highly discerning system enjoyable?
Since discerning and emotive are not mutually exclusive, within a budget what drives my component selection? Fun with the music, then fun with the sound. I know when music takes control - involuntary movement, my spirit lifts and life is good. An ... 
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
Earlier this year I overcame similar symptoms - obvious non optimal  acoustics, glare and a weak lower register.  Fatigue at anything above background music.  It wasn't a speaker thing (AZ CrescendoII) or an amp thing (Pass Labs), it was a synergy... 
Crimping tool?
Where does "MidFi" differ from "HiFi" or "LOFI"?
Midfi is where I am, Hifi is what I can't afford, Lofi is where I started.  
What covid research can teach us about audio measurements.
Our brains do a lot of correction, making sound into what we expect to hear, given our experiences.  Some day we'll see how hard it works via brain scan.  That could be a key measurement in ear fatigue vs relaxation.   My analogy is another sense... 
From an MHDT to an Audio Mirror, quick impressions
They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!   We now return to our regular programming.  AM      
From an MHDT to an Audio Mirror, quick impressions
@decooney  Sounds like you and your six friends have fallen for the  Orchid.  I'm falling for the AM.  Best wishes on your audio journey.