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What's your definition of an audiophile?
Music lovers chase a moving target as their system and experience evolve.  Somewhere down the road they become audiophile.   
How To Stream Internet Radio
I had that. Not user friendly. Fidelity sucks big time. Drop outs galore on WiFi. 
How To Stream Internet Radio
The Bluesound Node 2i solidly out classes the fidelity of the Sangean or Ocean products by light years. It streams directly off the router by wire or WiFi. Through the Bluesound app it has free internet radio. Turn off your Mac device after select... 
Purchase breaks well within 30 days
It's under warranty and being repaired.  Covid induced inconvenience not covered nor should it be.   
Need more slam! Help!
The 3a sigs are great. I feel you’re spot on about their strong points. Feed them power and they’ll go deep with live concert atmosphere and imaging. That’s their strength and I loved them for it. I found them to respond well to system upgrades bu... 
phono stage Herron or Pass?
I haven’t heard the Pass phono but I do have the Herron 2a and 360 feeding a Pass Xa-25.  If you are looking for neutral I can recommend the 2a.  The 360 imparts a tube sound so makes a great pairing.   
VPI Classic setup tools
I have a JMW 10 arm for 20+ years and have accumulated a Mint, Geodisc, Feickert, vpi jig, paper jig, Fozgometer,  SS counterintuitive and Expressimo audio half moon weight.  Best luck with Feickert and the half moon weight.  The Feickert for alig... 
Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?
Maybe that problem of being randomly signed in under someone elses name hasn't been totally, absolutely corrected... 
Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
After Needle Doctor folded, Keith Herron called me out of the blue and assured me he was available for service and upgrades for my vtsp360 r3.  Now that’s service.  The 360 has an r5 upgrade but I’m in no hurry, I’m as pleased now as ever.  The pe... 
Need help troubleshooting spotify
Mine works fine with Spotify. 
Need help troubleshooting spotify
In the Bluesound app under Music Services have you checked if the Spotify user is still “authenticated to this player”? 
It is not you, the sound really is getting worse
As a senior with high frequency loss and tinnitus, many movie dialogues are unintelligible.  Sennheiser RS series wireless headphones are golden.  Direct injection clears things right up.   
What headphone failure would cause no dialog on a laptop?
Cold solder on the ground lug creating a hi-pass filter?   
How do I know when to use a subwoofer?
I use a single wireless Rel S/5 SHO with full range speakers and the difference is beyond satisfying.  It's very natural, seamlessly integrated, quick, tight and punchy.  Placement can be counterintuitive. It super delivers in the right location/o... 
Getting him in my ARC PH3se phono pre
Have you tried floating the grounds on both the amp and line pre at the same time?