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Rega P8 with Alpheta 2?
gphill,Mine smoothed out at 45 hours through about 75 hours.  I find a 60 Ohm load to work much better than 100.  50 Ohms is too low. 
Calling all Vandersteen Fans
+1 to audioconnection.  My 3A sigs were glaring until the modest cost stranded speaker cable was replaced.   
Best 80s New Wave
Oingo Boingo 
Netflix audio quality playback does not compare to DVD or Blu-ray disks!
I have a Sangean WFT-1 Internet radio player and I'm not getting anything like CD quality playback on Radio Paradise or any other station.  Not to derail the thread but how do I get CD quality?  I'm old and don't follow all this new fangled digita... 
Increasing gain for your vinyl front end when pre-amp doesn't quite have enough juice
IMO - With a combined total of $500 new for the phono pre and line pre, a high noise floor is the penalty.  Increasing sensitivity or gain will still expose it.  A higher output cartridge at those same listening levels would require less gain, low... 
Why not use a non-contact stylus on a turntable?
Could it be the "why not?" of no contact is, from a noise perspective, that once you digitize, the pops and ticks can be removed with software. It can, and is, being done now with contact styli, an ADC and the same software that would be necessary... 
Audio Research Ref 3 set display off/on.
Maybe it's just mine then.  Stereo mode works fine.  In mono when I tip the balance in either direction it lowers the volume in both channels.  Thanks for the info, though I was hoping it was normal for the Ref 3:(   
Audio Research Ref 3 set display off/on.
Have you tried it?  Please do and report back. 
Audio Research Ref 3 set display off/on.
My Ref 3 always powers up with the display on and always has.  It's the display buzzing that is not normal.  For kicks try setting the Ref 3 to mono and use the balance control.  Now THAT is a messed up situation. 
Amp "timing" ?
Some amp /speaker combinations can sound plodding. It’s often referred to as slow in the bass. An analogy might be running in a pool vs on deck. The beats are on time but without speed or agility in a musical sense.  
No love for 70's guitar bands?
I was in my twenties and liked them.  The alternative was disco.   
What define "musicality" ? And what constitute "musicality" in audio ?
If the music sweeps me into it I call it musical.  If everything sounds perfect but lacks involvement I call it technical.  With the right balance the two work together. A component can be more accurate, balanced, dynamic ... but does it make me f... 
Did I just make my audio system too sensitive after adding a Herron VTPH-2A preamp?
Soundsmith is moving their old lineup with deep discounts.  Judging by my MIMC Star, the price/performance ratio will be very difficult to meet or beat.  https://www.musicdirect.com/phono-cartridges/soundsmith-zephyr-mimc-star-phono-cartridge 
Did I just make my audio system too sensitive after adding a Herron VTPH-2A preamp?
I have the $3500 Herron also for two months now.  Super phono pre.  I think it's showing you what "just isn't right" with your old $400 phono pre and revealing what's wrong upstream.  My surface and groove are still dead silent (Rega RP-10 and Aph... 
Can we start a thread for folks who run a SET amp with a subwoofer or two?
I built Bottlehead 2A3's, Madisound BK-16's with Fostex drivers, super tweeters and added a Mirage SA-8 sub.  The sub makes it a party system.  Just add beer.