Pass Labs X-250 and CJ Premier 17LS

I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences
or thoughts about matching an X-250 with a CJ
Premier 17LS? According to Peter at Pass Labs as
long as the the CJ unit can output 2.5V it should
be ok. I checked CJ website and if I read it correctly
it does say that the 17LS does output 2.5V.

Do any memebers here have any experience they can share with Pass amps and CJ pre-amps?

Yes, It is a very good combination with no matching concerns. The combination of SS amp with tubed pre-amp is very nice.....all the detail with good bass control.

I heard the copmbo with the MKII and it was very nice sounding. There should be no problems with the Pass X-250.

Happy Listening
For what it's worth(......Buffalo Springfield), I used the ART with a Pass and Classe amp, and the combo of a great tube pre with a great SS amp is very rewarding!
The Pass X series is not running to its full potential connected to a single-ended preamp, as it's "supersymmetry" design cancels distortion through the combining of each balanced half of the signal. Use a balanced preamp if you like this amp.