Years ago, I owned a PS Audio premier power regenerator. I enjoyed having it, but had to send it back because it was reacting to some kind of problem with the incoming power line. Sometimes at night I would hear it click as if it was adjusting to something on the AC line. Thing is, it was turned off. PS Audio sent it back after making a new grounding scheme for it. It was no use,same trouble. I sold the unit and went a different direction. So, my question is, has anyone else had issues with this unit? I am tempted to buy one again hoping for a better result< since they are going for 'cheap' nowadays.
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This thing gets quite a bad informal press. I was thinking in the past of getting one but no thank you. APS Purepower seems to be a regenerator to go for.
It's China again, but it's not Chinese fault really.
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I've had a PPP for over a year, feeding power to my entire system, with no clicks or other problems. The positive difference it's made for my system has been huge. Lucky so far... I'll knock on wood.
I bought a new "B" stock unit, as my P 300 bit the dust, and had two in a row that clicked constantly. Finally, the third one has been behaving itself now for several months, but it was pretty discouraging for a while. PSA was great about it, though.

Same issue with me. Bought a PPP directly from PS when it came out. Nothing but problems (clicking, rebooting, fans going crazy). Sent it back to PS. Second unit was no different 3 months of use. Sent it back. 3rd unit arrived but developed other issues along the way. Had to send it back for a few upgrades they put in it. I did not have anymore issues after that but ended up selling this unit.
I am no longer using power conditioning/regenerating but i have 20amp dedicated power lines with Oyaide outlets.

There are more (or as many) power conditioner types, models, brand out there than amp manufacturers. Want to know which are good, better and best. Ask and you will get 50 different answers. Enough to give you a massive headache.
Good luck in your search.
i like the power plant premier unit but its a serviceable item. After speaking to PS Audio about mine that i recently sent back for service, the unit cannot run forever without service... that was my understanding. I was unaware of this, however this is the 2nd time i have sent a PPP back to PS Audio for repair. the 1st time, they replaced it with a new one. This one is being sent back because the THD was over 1% & running hot when nothing was on. Plus, it runs too hot to keep in a cabinet with doors so i am probably selling mine when i get it back from PS Audio.
I had a PPP that had problems; it kept going out of regeneration mode. PS Audio fixed it once for free. When it happened again I traded it in for a P5. WOW, what a difference, the P5 makes the PPP look like the cheaper Chinese product it is. The P5 is much heavier, more solidly built, and has been rock steady since I got it, with even lower distortion readings than the PPP. Bass is definitely better than with the PPP. Not a single issue at all.

If you have the choice, buy the P5. It's simply a much better unit.