Pacific Audio Fest

Just saw that the Pacific Audio Fest is being rescheduled to late July 2022 due to the pandemic
Thanks for posting the update!

I was hoping to go this year so hopefully better luck in 2022

Things are shaping up for a barn-burner of a show at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle, July 29-31! Who’s going?


Pacific Audiofest - Seattle, July 29-31 2022

This will be at the Pacific Audio Fest.

Enleum 23R Integrated Amplifier and Headphone Amp

25WPC, Current-Driven


Jaguar Audio – Room 7115

I’ll be up from California and will be attending with a friend.

I haven’t been to an audio show up there since VSAC circa 2003 and am looking forward to it. 

I think I met Lou at THE Show in Las Vegas around 2014 or so and got to listen to his speakers for the first time then.