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any-one familiar with this company and their import products.i am particular interested in one of the per-amps,but would like some inside info.if possible,or hear from people who are using their units.thanks in advance.
Some here say their Doge pre amp is among the best they've heard.
I have the Classic 6.1 SS integrated and like it very much. I've spoken to
them a few times and they are pleasant to deal with.
Give them a call.
Purchased a CD player from them a few of years ago. The CDP eventually needed the laser replaced and they were very good to work with. Repairs were slow (waiting on part) but communication about progress of the service was very good. Would recommend doing business with them.
Pacific Valve is one of the only importers that stand behind the products they sell. I have had several Ming-Da preamps through here from Pacific Valve with no problems.

I have no experience with the Doge preamp.
I bought a chinese 6sn7 pre amp that they sold (called Musician) and is no longer distributed, the pre amp is nice. They're a good company but the product that you purchase may go out of business or be relabeled and you will end up with an orphan product that may be hard to sell in the future.
I purchased a Doge 8 preamp from them several months ago. The Doge is the real deal at this price point. I am very pleased with the purchase. The company is very responsive and communicates well.

I would gladly do business with them again.
I posted a review of the Doge 8 on another thread here, and I have bought one other item from them. Bottom line: The Doge is a great preamp and is highly recommended. Generally Pacific Valve is good to deal with; you should have no problems.
I have been interested in the Doge 8 preamp since reading Salvatore's review. I had my first chance today. I would agree with everything that is said in Arthur's review.
It is very quiet and has tons of gain. As he says,"it kicks ass"! Very dynamic,fantastic line stage and mm phono. We listened mostly using my Ypsilon SUT through the mm phono stage. We also listened to the MC jfet phono stage. This was not bad at all but it did not have the majesty of the SUT/mm tube phono stage.
The tone was not too analytical nor was it colored. Just a nice fleshed out performance with tons of energy.
The remote is very nice and heavy.

We then took the lid off and installed my NOS telfunkins in the phono.The build quality is top notch! Spring loaded and threaded aluminum tube covers to combat micro phonics and vibration.
To date this is the best preamp I have heard and a real bargain. I have to have one for myself.

+1 for pac valve. I have Doge 8 and it is an amazing bargain also the service at pac valve is very good. My friend has the Doge cd player and is equally impressed.
I can also recommend them.
No doubt, the Doge 8 is the best pre-amp under $3,000. To get a significantly better pre-amp you would have to spend at least $5,000 on a Coincident Technology Linestage--and they only have two inputs.

I just received my Aune Cyclone CD Transport. I am very impressed. While the owner's manual isn't quite ready for prime time, the transport is most certainly high end... quite high. Joe at Pacific Valve was very helpful regarding the owners manual and I was up and running in no time at all. Unless the unit breaks down and dies...which I highly suspect won't happen, at ~$900. shipped, how can I not recommend it? It's a real steal.
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i cant find any info i tried number from audiogon also tried e mail contact on their website
They are out of business.