OS question re: Beats Music

I stream Beats on a Mac Mini in my office. Today, I finally swapped out some crappy JBL computer monitors for a pair of M-Audio BX 5a monitors that had been retired from duty in my home studio and were laying fallow. I hooked up the M-Audio monitors via a stereo mini plug to XLR cable.

When accessing the web via Safari, I get no sound at all - from Beats or any other web site.

When I switch to Chrome and visit the same sites, everything is good.

Anybody have any idea what gives?

I'm pretty sure this came up in another thread several weeks ago. The only web browser that was comparable with the streaming service was Chrome.
I don't know what the problem is but doubt it's an incompatibility between Beatsmusic and Safari since other web sites are affected, as well. Also, Beatsmusic works fine with all three browsers on my iMac, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
Thanks for the responses, but....

Beats worked fine with Safari before I swapped speakers (and cord), which is the weird part.
It more sounds like driver(for the new M-Audio speakers)-streamer issue. Check manuals or product info on company web if you need to download additional drivers to the one automatically created
My understanding was that Chrome was the only web player that played it properly. I do understand it did work before so perplexing. why not download the player and play tidal through the player? that would not require any browser compatablity.
It's obvious the problem it is not an incompatibility between beatsmusic and any of the available browsers since the OP stated the problem exists on all Web sites, not just beatsmusic.

I've run beatsmusic with Firefox for hundreds of hours with no problems and have used it with both Safari and Chrome, again with absolutely no problems.

Thanks, I'll look into the idea.