How much are beats headphones and the sound?

How much are a pair of beats headphones? I imagine they are expensive, but are they worth it? Do they have really good sound?
not any near akg701 that is almost same price
When we figure out who is making them then perhaps we will know better. For now all we know is that they are targeting a non audiophile audience. I haven't heard them so I can't possibly comment on how good or bad they sound.

If you want headphone advice here ask a different question. I have noted people on this site seem to like Sennheiser (?sp) among several others, AKG which I use etc.. There is of course the site if you want a more headphone centric discussion group. I would be surprised if they haven't discussed Beats.
I've heard the $300 Pro Beats headphones and I found the bass and mids to be irritating. Maybe it required a headphone amp but what I heard it was kind of blah sounding. My favorite headphones are the AKG K-701s and a BeyerDynamic DT-770 600 Ohm with headphone amplification of course.
I got my son a set of the Studios. They sounded better than I thought they would, but I don't think they were worth the $250-$300 that I paid for them. Still, it was his birthday and he wanted them.

For the money, you can do better.
My brother bought a pair of the Beats "Solo" for my nephew for Christmas. Mainly because he wanted the lime green color. I was able to listen to them at length.

They have a very heavy, boomy, blotted bass response. They were also kind of bright in the highs. The mids were okay, but overall, I thought they sucked. I sure couldn't listen to them for more than a few minutes.

For the money, the Audio Technica ATH-M50 are excellent. I also would like to hear the new Woodtone headphones. They look pretty cool.
+1 on what Mofimadness says - Beats are unlistenable boom and sizzle. My 30+ year old AKG K240 headphones absolutely blow them away.
I've heard them and they are not worth the asking price. I'd rate them as a $75 headphone for people who are not serious about their music. WAY too bass heavy with a so-so midrange.
For the money, there are lots of better options out there. Check out headphone sites for the skinny.

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Coincidentally, I just came from getting some work done to my car. While I was waiting I read the 'Music' issue of ESPN sports magazine that had an article about Lebron James, Dr. Dre, and the Beats headphones. I didn't know James is a investor/partner. The article made a good point how these things are comparable to Jordan sneakers as far as being the 'fad' of our time! These things sold like 50k units the 1st year and 500k the next! A quote from the article from Dre: "F**k sneakers, let's make headphones!" As previous posters have said, the sound quality sux for the money. Plus counterfeits are everywhere. These are phones for people that don't know any better!
I also have no experience with them. I agree with the above posters. They are more of the trendy must have (be seen in) item for the ipod type user. Not really serious headphones. Much better quality can be had at the same price range with a bit of research. I use AKG K1000, but that is a different beast altogether.
Stephan Mejias reported on the $200 Beats by Dr. Dre in a recent issue of TAS. Even though he liked the hipness and fashion factors of the Beats, he admitted that they were bass-heavy, veiled, and murky sounding. That's inexcusable for a $200 headphone. I suspect that anyone looking for traditional audiophile values such as linearity, dynamics, and realistic tonal balance, the $79 Grado SR60i's would be far more satisfying. For $200 you should be able to get any number of headphones that would knock your socks off by comparison.
They we as expensive as Bose QC-15 and not as good.
they're made by monster.
JVC ha rx 900 really wipe the floor with beats for about 1/4 of the price.....
I think they are brilliantly designed to fit right for its target market..

Ie. The iPod gen.. Music these younger generations listen too mostly suit and benefit with the little excitement that Beats bring forth. Especially when plugged direct to iPods, iPhones, iWhatever--playing out some Pop, Techno, Dub-step, Rap, Rock, Lounge, even some contemporary Jazz.. the bass boost, slightly receding mids, whilst adding some sizzle to the highs sure are welcomed alterations.

Used as above, I've tried my Stax, and some of the better more accurate HPs, could sound a tad anemic, lacking the punch and excitement for most of the time.

To them, through Beats ~ music seem energized. To me ~ sounded like its purposely tuned to mimic the favorite classic sloping "V" on a parametric EQ which most of us probably used to love in our teen years.

Perhaps ultimately not for me now, but my children aged 12, 17 & 20yrs absolutely adore them, so there's definitely that market for them out there.
*Surprisingly, when playing their kind of music, I actually do find them quite enjoyable too. ;p
Beats are not made by Monster, sheer misinformation. They are made by HTC. Here is the link:

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I should have added above that they are fairly well built. I only say that because I know how hard my son is on his portable stuff. He's on his fifth or sixth iPod, but the same pair of Beats.
Dr Dre was the sole owner of beats audio, He contracted the specifications to monster audio to produce his product!, then Dr Dre met Htc cell phone company, made a deal for soft ware, BTW, is better than the headphones by alot!,, to be put on their HTC products, HTC liked the soft ware, they made Dre Dre an offer he could not refuse for controlling capital in his company!, million, up-on millions of dollars did he make off with!, kinda like robing a bank in his case, LOL!, Dr Dre still owns some of the company, and yes, they are still prodused by monster audio for HTC!, and another note, the beats audio soft ware is on some HP lap top computer models, with a whole recording beats audio soft ware for studio use!
BTW, Dr Dre is a rapper and studio engineer and professional DJ world wide!, No, He is not my cup of tea, You got to give it to him, A damn good business man! need to click on the link that Viridian provided above and read the real story. Some of your facts are wrong.
No need to click on the link, or read the other posts in the thread.......this is the internet...feel free to make up any story you want....hell, I do it all of the time.
Hi, I did not make nothing up!, It does not matter what the link had to say!, I was following the beats, Dr Dre thing from the beginning of their start!, I seen with my own eyes and ears all that transpired!, thru all the cell phone sites, the HTC site, etc.., I was the first in my entire city to ever own a beats soft ware HTC phone period!, I flashed my rom and had the soft ware before it even hit the market place in smart phones!I use to be extreamly obsessive with the smart phone industry!, If I were all of you, I would not believe everything that you read!, I am asumming the link did not tell the whole story because of HTC now owns the beats company!, Regardless of what you may believe, I state my reputation that what I posted Is the Truth period!like I said, I followed the whole story as It was happening from the beginning!, no one can convince me other wise!, I know what I am Talking about here forreal!,This is based on actual facts that transpired!, cheers!
This is the craziest thing here, The fricken link that Viridian posted backs my story!, I just read the whole link!, mmmm, maybe you should re read it!, Go figure, LOL!
"I state my reputation that what I posted Is the Truth"

What reputation?
We'll go a little slower for you, " ...they are still produced by monster audio for HTC!". That is completely fabricated. Monster no longer does any manufacturing, R&D or conceptual work for Beats. Since you feel differently, please provide your source.

"Dr Dre was the sole owner of beats audio." Again, multiple sources indicate that Jimmy Iovine was not only the driving force behind Beats, but a principal from the very beginning. What is the source for your assertion?

Just because you capitalize words does not make them true.
Viridian...thanks you beat me to it.

Audiolabyrinth...I'll add that you never even mention Jimmy Iovine? He was pretty instrumental in all of this. Without his involvement, this whole deal and outcome might not have happened.

You also state "If I were all of you, I would not believe everything that you read!" The story from Gizmodo is pretty much a first hand account of what happened. I also would like to know your source(s).
Well, there goes the reputation.

At least what little there was early on.

Hasta la vista id, ego, and superego.
wow!, you can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make them drink the water unless you tell them where the water came from!, Ha, Ha, LOL!, I believe you should research intensly other than some inferrior site called Gismo!, Its easy to find multiple sources yourself!, since you want to discredit what i am stateing as facts, you deserve to do the work yourself!, wc65mustang,you are nothing more than an idiot!, you go on nearly every thread I have been on and made trouble, like sticking your foot in your mouth!,, I am done here, all of you gentleman have a nice week and carry on!, I will go on knowing what I know of beats audio,LOL!,, Its not even worth my time to argue over, Beats audio headphones suck eanyway!, the beats soft ware they put on phones and lap top computers is worth a fair mention, nothing to write home about if you know what I mean!, Goodday genleman!
Well, let's start on the Beats home page since you are looking for other sources:

Please note, they refer to Jimmy as co-founder are they making this up and, if so, for what reason?

But Beats and Gizmodo (not "Gizmo" as you wrote, are you actually reading these things?) are just rumor mongerers, let's try this from Business Week:

Note, not only do they refer to Jimmy as a partner, they must be idiots as well, since they say that Monster no longer has any part in Beats. Those irresponsible slanderers.

The reefer smoking pedophiles at Hip Hop Wired have it completely wrong as well:

Billboard is also in on the conspiracy:

Daily Tech is out of their minds, simply parroting other specious reports:

It seems there are lots of sources saying the same thing. Must be mass hysteria since only Audiolabyrinth (perfect handle) has the story straight. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink the cool aid.
I always thought it was "You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead!"

"I state my reputation............"

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yikes!! sorry. :(