Oppo BDP-105 Volume Control?

You would think I could find an answer to this question on the Oppo web site, but I can't. In 5.1, or regular stereo mode, can the Oppo BDP-105 be connected directly to a power amp(s) and use the built-in volume control to control level? Or is the built-in volume control only operational on the headphone outlets?
The built in volume control works on my system. I use XLR out from Oppo BDP-105 to VTL 750 amps.

This is not typical for me but I loaned my preamp to a friend and used Oppo direct for a couple of days so I had sound.

Remember to set volume to zero on the Oppo before you put in a disc or connect to Netflix. If the volume is at 100 the amps are going to be full on and probably destroy your speakers.
The 105 works fine as a preamp. I have mine hooked up via XLR directly to a pair of W4S Mamp monoblocks. How well it sounds in this configuration will in part depend on the impendence match between the 105 and your amp. And yes per Albertporter's comments, please be careful with the default volume setting as the are at 100. I forgot about that after the last firmware update and nearly fried my speakers. Its beyond me why the default is not 25 or less.
I suggest you review the web site named "Unofficial OPPO BDP-103 Frequently Asked Questions". See:


It contains some very useful infuriation about the Oppo 105. For example, see sections named Are there any hidden features?, Is the player a Digital Media Rederer? and What are the recommended settings for the OPPO BDP-103?

I found it very useful.
How is the sound with the oppo direct to amps?
This blog addresses the subject:

I have a bop-105 that I purchased (very lightly) used.
It sounds great. It's volume up control maxes out at 89.
Is it supposed to go to 100? Is there a setting somewhere that is causing it to go to 89 and not fully to 100?