viva remot control

Hi, what kind of a remot control comes with the viva int 300p?
is it an original one or is it a philips one?
thank you.
I have a Viva Solista and the remote is a plastic Phillips one that controls the motorised volume only.
HI guys, firts of all thanks for the answears.
Secound, don't you think it's a bit odd to pay 250 euro extra only to get a plastic thing with philips logo on it...
and how long do i have to turn the amp on till it reaches is break in?
You can't leave it on all the time, it will increase global warmimg all by itself. I think it takes about 30 to 40 minutes from start up.
The "controller," which you hold in your hands costs nothing. I would want a small manufacturer to select a reliable and cheap model and not waste time and money reinventing the wheel. The cost comes from the motorized volume pot or resistor ladder/relay or whatever implementation of the attenuator inside the unit. I know of a manufacturer who has only recently found a suitable remotely controlled attenuator, having dismissed most of the motorized pots as not usable in his particular design. It is the attenuator that matters, not the thing you hold in your hand.
ok (-: thanks for the info Larryi.
by the way, i'm the first owner of a beautifull viva
300P in Israel, and its sound astonishing, im very pleased.
i have a living voice avatar speakers.
Daivd i wounder if you compered between the
solista and the 300P conected to the living voice.
Hi Sa mmm,

I just recently purchased a Viva Fono phono stage myself. I've also heard a couple of their power amps and like them too. I bet the Avatar/300P combination sounds great.