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Responses from tubesrule

FMS Blue
Is FMS still in business? 
ARC Ref 6 VS. Vac Renaissance MK V
Has anyone compared the current stuff like VAC master preamp directly w arc ref6, ref10? 
Focal Sopra 1 and Audio Note Kits Interstage PSE monoblocks
How about the interstage 300b mono, driving revel studio2?assuming you use the stock 300b tubes, what determines if your 300b ANK interstage is 8 Watts as some refer to, or 20 Watts?(into 8 ohms) 
Audionotekit Kits Interstage 300B Monoblocks and KR 300B XLS
It looks like this conversation just fell off.Does anybody have any general comments, raves or problems with the basic 300b interstage monos, considering a pair. 
Pass Labs Amplifier Meter meaning?
Are the above ten year old responses still the same for the current X and XA point 8 models? 
Amp for Revel Ultima Studio 2s
This post is 7 years old!Studio 2 is still current!What amps, have folks found after all these years are best with studio 2 as of now.Up for consideration:mc275 x 2ML 534MC601 pairMC452MC462pass labs varioussuggestions? 
How do I power my 800D(3)s
So quite a bit a time has passed since the D3 line has come out.What is the current consensus on 802d3 at $22k versus speakers like revel studios at $16k (Much easier to drive), or revel salon at $22?What else do people suggest to compare these tw... 
Mark Levinson No. 585
The 585 is a significant leap down from the preamps like 523 and 526, and amps like 534 & 536’s.its not bad, but it’s not innthe leage of 536, not even same zip code, IMHO. 
Mark Levinson No. 585
Tube preamp 
Mark Levinson No. 585
The 536 is insanely good.One only needs to possess the means to afford them, and the space to set them up.I heard them with the very very very top of the line Martin Logan at the hi-fi show and the sound was mine blowing.The only thing I thought t... 
Pass Labs 350.8 or 260.8 ?
What pass amp(s) are best for revel studio2. 
Using McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe as Mono Amps
Anthing new or different now that 9 years have passed. I’ve got/had Revel studio 2, salon 2, B&W 802D3, and many amps ML 534, MC275 pair, MC601 pair- would anyone suggest some sort of biamp with all this type of gear or just use one set of amp... 
McIntosh MC611and MC1.25KW-how do they sound compared to 601's and 1.2KW
Has anyone really done a thorough compare of the MC452 vs MC462? 
Just switched from McIntosh C2500/2600 to ARC Ref 6, initial thoughts
How about C1100 versus Ref6 (same basic price point), who has made this comparison?thanks 
mc452 vs 601 vs. pair mc275 for classical music
What are you folks thinking about the new amps, 452 is now the 462, and 601 is now the 611.