old console stereos with new electronics?

In the late 50s through the early 70s there were some good looking console stereo units/cabinets that were attractive with terrible audio electronics.  My question is, has anyone updated an old console by putting modern items such as an integrated or receiver, CD/SACD player and outboard speakers?
This is something I have been considering.  Many people trying to sell mid-century items use the catch phrase of "Eames Era" referring to Charles Eames.''
I am considering this undertaking for a second room system that will have some mid-century modern/Danish designer furniture,... Wegner, Mogensen, Juhl, etc.  
Thanks for your time/thoughts. 
Refinish, repair the built in speaker, maybe fix the old tube amp. They are still useful today if you have the room.
Check out Wrensilva consoles. They use an ice amp and mount speakers on some type of isolation. 
I think that it's a good idea. I have seen one boutique company that makes new ones, but they are very expensive. It would be a nice project. My first audio system was my parents solid state console bought from Montgomery Ward in the late sixties.
My dad's Sylvania kicked ass Power transistors we're external, 2 screws and some goop to replace.
The German "Grundig" brand made really nice cabinets.
Most console systems had poor loudspeakers and by today's standard not too good turntables.  However, the amp and tuner section could be quite good -- I'm thinking Fisher and Pilot models.  You will have plenty of space to retrofit a streamer and if you pair it with external loudspeakers you could get excellent sound quality.  Also, there are companies that will update vintage consoles for you.
 I can't say that it was the best system that I ever owned, but it was the first real stereo that my parents were going to throw away because it was broke. IIRC, it was an RCA or maybe GE console. The repair that I did was a simple connection. Later on, I was working on putting a headphone jack in the front of it, and dropped a screwdriver through the left speaker. Bought some RS 8" drivers to replace both speakers, and 'upgraded' to a magnetic cartridge for the TT. The sound was horrible because nothing was matched properly at that point. Sold the unit to a teacher in high school who used it at his cabin. Been upgrading ever since.