Odd Revel Performa M20 Question ?

Received today a pair of Revel M20. One of the intriguing aspects of these speakers was that each speaker (according to specifications) weighed 45 lbs, or 20.4 kg. Unusually heavy for speakers of this size. Specs for packaged shipping weight is 48 lbs., each.

When I received the FedEx tracking info over the weekend, the packaged weight for both speakers was listed at 74.7 lbs. Speakers were sent in two separate boxes....original boxes and original packing materials.... one weighing 37.8 lbs. the other 36.9 lbs.

This caught my attention and I thought maybe a misread from the shipping origin. On receiving the speakers today at FedEx, I put one box on the scale and it read 37.8 lbs. Got home, removed the speakers from boxes and weighed again on a bathroom scale. One speaker weighed ~ 36 lbs, without grilles and without feet.

Hooked up the speakers and they sound good. I'll need some time before deciding if I like them.

So my question, hopefully to those actually owning the Performa M20, what do your speakers weigh? Hard to imagine that a manufacturer's specification could miss by nearly 10 lbs.
Did you weigh them during high or low tide? Was the Sun at perigee or apogee? Do you also experience more bass weight in the heavier speaker?

Seriously, I think they more than likely have a +/- tolerance level and the shipping is not an exact weight.

Call the dealer and ask.
Tom - great response. Maybe a ridiculous concern and I am not normally a spec guy but I'm somewhat obsessed with this!

Shipping weight is accurate in this case, FedEx, UPS base rates on this criteria.

I understand nominal values vs actual as well as +/- tolerances, but mis- stating weight by 30%?

Please humor me!
If you received your M20s in two separate boxes this could account for the difference in actual weight vs published weight. When I received my M22s they came in two separate boxes that were inside of a very large box. The box was so big UPS asked if I could pick it up instead of them delivering it. Luckily I own a pickup.
If I read this correctly, the OP is not concerned with the SHIPPING weight discrepancy, but the ACTUAL speaker weight vs. what the manuf. states. I definitely think he has a valid concern,and look forward to some better explanation.
they needed to show ya they're heavy, but not after all.
Used revel M20s=serious bang for the buck. Those speakers fit and finish are far better than anything else I've owned.
I owned a pair a few years ago. Mine came in two boxes inside one large box. I don't know the exact weight but I could lift it which means it couldn't weigh more than 80 pounds or so.
Agree with Ejlif, some serious nice speakers. In fact I'm ready to say they are the best speaker I have owned with a metal tweeter.
Wino - EXACTLY! Received a very lame email response from a Revel Field Support Engineer. He was basically clueless.
You do know that there is about a 200 hour break-in period. Put them on for a weekend and go out of town. Just don't piss off the neighbors...
Who cares how much they weigh? How do they sound? I never thought to weigh my speakers on the bathroom scale so I can compare my findings with the manufacturer's specs. Maybe we should all weigh our speakers on our bathroom scales and compare notes. What brand of bathroom scale do you use anyway? Do I need to break in my bathroom scale for 200 hours before weighing my speakers? Why stop at the speakers? Maybe we should be weighing our amplifiers and preamps too. What about CD players and turntables? Why stop at the speakers? I don't blame the Revel for giving you a lame response.
No one would care how much they weighed if it was AS CLAIMED by the Manufacturer. Should'nt we be able to believe/trust these guys? If they say they're using XYZ caps and premium NOS tubes,than they damn well better be.Why say something weighs x lbs and be light by 25%? I think the manufacturer should admit their mistake and change their published specs if this is indeed the case.
Are they consecutive serial #s?

Maybe one was made on a Monday or a Friday:>)
Rrog - understand your perspective. Believe it if you will, but the spec of 45lbs/speaker was a significant buying decision factor.

I know this is trivial to many and the performance of the speaker should trump any published spec.

It is really a simple question posed.

What if a driver was spec'd at 8" but was actually 7"? Your buying decision was based on having an 8" driver. You question the discrepancy and are asked "how does it sound"?
The M20 likely went though the same mid production changes as it's bigger brother, my floor standing F50's dropped nearly sixteen pounds each from the original. This was nearly ten years ago, when I asked Revel why they lightened the speaker they were very evasive but eventually conceded that it was a cost cutting measure, they assured me the cabinet was equally as rigid as the original.
Pretty much all the speakers in the original Performa and Ultima line were stand outs. Kevin Voecks was commissioned to build a state of the art speaker line with unmatched timbral accuracy, and backed with the nearly unlimited resources of Harman did just that.
The only time the weight of a speaker became a buying decission for me is if they were too heavy.

Wino might as well sell his M20s now. Every time he tries to enjoy music through them the sound will be a little light.

Excuse me while I go dyno the engine in my car.
Yea Rrog,and when you go pay for a gallon of gas and only get 3 quarts no biggie...
Tmsorosk - thanks, makes perfect sense
Wino, Did you buy your speakers by the pound like hamburger or did you buy them for their sound? It seems strange that there are so many products in high end audio that are promoted by obvious lies yet you have decided to make an example of a legitimate company producing an overachieving product.
Rrog,a little reading comprehension might help you. I havent decided to make an example of anyone. My involvement here is merely being curious, like the OP, as to why there is such a discrepancy by a noted manufacturer as to what they claim and what the real deal is. Weight is not subjective,it is easily verified. If it is a misprint, I think they should correct it,thats all. Just looking for factual reporting.How does your significant other feel when you're claiming 7 inches and only delivering 4 ?
Wino, Nice! This is why I like high end audio. The conversation just went from the weight of speakers to the size of my dick. You're a classy guy.
Rrog, dont get your panties in a knot. I simply concurred with the OP's original question about the discrepancy in the stated spec of an expensive product vs the actuality. You called me out by name twice,simply because you think the OP's point is irrelevant.You're entitled to not care,I am likewise entitled to think the discrepancy is a bit odd. I dont want to get in a pissing match here,lets just agree to disagree. Peace.
Here's a quote from the M20's owner's manual:

"Revel, a division of Madrigal Audio Laboratories, constantly strives to update and improve existing products, as well as create new ones. Therefore the specifications and construction details in this and related Revel publications
are subject to change without notice."

Of course this is standard in most manuals.
Thanks Timrhu for steering this back on track.
Just stumbled upon this, I own a set of M20's, hands down the best bookshelf speaker ever made, and still is in my opinion, Have not heard anything  at it's size that even comes close to the build quality, rosewood finish and the smoothest sound you can get, i'll be buried with mine. I have the stands and the grills too, and as an earlier post mentioned, mine came in two separate boxes inside a large box, and it takes 2 peeps to pick up the full box. Maybe 90 to 100 lbs. I have never weighed them but they are definatley stout individually. If the OP doesn't care for them because he thinks he was cheated because of the weight, please send them my way, I would love to have four of these and make a bedroom surround sound system to knock the covers off of me and the better half, All I would need then was a C30 for the center channel, and a B15......WHOA!!! Im driving mine with an old Pioneer SX-980 that is like BNIB, it has 80 wpc and the spl's in my man cave are deafening from these little kick A$$ speakers. Enjoy them and don't worry about a few pounds or a typo. You have speakers to be proud of and will last forever.....Dan
Nice revive Dan.

Early in this thread I mentioned I was a previous owner of the M20. I am now a current owner of these lovely speakers as after going through many different speakers the M20 sound kept haunting me. Just a great speker for the money on the used market.

My only complaint about the M20 is their looks; a big boxy stand mount. Of course when the music starts and I close my eyes...

And FWIW, the shipped cartons weighed in around 38.5 lbs. per speaker.