NRG Control Power Amps

Does anybody have any of NRG's power amplifiers?
I used to have an A-150S amp for a while. NRG is long gone now.
I owned NRG's A201s amplifier from 1991' through 1999'. That was one great sounding amplifier. A friend of mine still has their PA1 preamp and is in love with it. Bigboss, do you have NRG gear now or are you looking to get some?
Hey Tony007. I was looking for the the 401S mono block amps and the PA1 preamp. Back in 1990 I had the set up on loan from the manufacturer. I use to be in the industry and was a friend of friend of the President of NRG ..Jack , I forget his last name.
I know someone that has the NRG 401S Amp. I think he's selling it. His email address is, [email protected]
Hello my name is Tony Parrano I am Italian,
I have bought a year ago a NRG CONTROL 201 S I have not been able to find articles on tecnical magazines.
I think that this amp is superior to Krell, Mark Levinson and other famous American amps, as I have had them all.
I would like to have informations on this amp (who progected it ecc) and if there is someone I can contact for eventual upgrading, what has happenend to the costructers (NRG)?
Is it true that this amp was projected by NASA engeners amp fans?
I have been told that you are the only person who can answer my questions. Thankyou Bigboss.
Hello AudioGon members. Looking for a needle in a haystack.

Does anyone have access to or know where I can find schematics for an NRG A201s. Also looking for an owner's manual but the schematic is the priority. Just acquired one of these amps. Looks in great shape but is non-functioning. Also missing a few of the heat sink covers and some screws.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer!