CDP speed control

I spend a lot of time in my van. The radio's always on so quite often I hear a tune that initially seems slowed down but then I realize I've been listening to it sped up at home. Are these guys doing this to save space or improve performance? Like 45's vs. 33's? If so, is it not possible to incorporate speed control in a cdp? It really pissed me off when I bought a copy of the Beatles' Let It Be...Naked.
How do you know that radio version is right. In addition many song versions were recorded almost identical but at slightly different pace (different studio sessions). It is hard to get wrong CD speed since it is self adjusting system. It is adjusting rpm of CD (200-500rpm) to obtain constant linear velocity - (frequency of bits it reads) that is compared to crystal frequency. You might have one of those DJ units that have adjustable speed (for dance etc) or servo on your CDP is damaged.
I'm pretty sure it's not my CDP. I have only a few cds with this issue. I have the original versions of the Let It Be album and know them well so when I put on the Naked version it was very obviously sped up. I have a T-Rex cd that's also sped up. The other one doesn't come to mind right now but I've been listening to these tunes for a very long time and easily recognize the versions.
However, thank you for answering my question. I'm using an Oppo BDP95.
Anything that was originally recorded on analog tape may be off speed "by accident", and of course the pitch/speed may be intentionally changed on anything. There are any number of CD's made from older analog masters that have been off-speed in some pressings; many "Beggar's Banquet" CD's prior to 2002, the Salvo CD of "Shine On Brightly", "The Doors", "Kind of Blue", etc.
Rbbert, Great to know, thanks.