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Top 5 cd recordings of all time?
The WHO- Who's Next by MoFi. 
This is bugging me
The BMi Eel reference custom is a pretty damm good cable in construction & sound in the price range you are looking for. I don't think BMi sells them on direct basis, but I do see an auction once in a while for a pair. 
which powercord? jps,esp,shunyata....?
I have older Levinson gear and using both BMI's whales & NBS statement which improved my system dramatically. It opened up the soundstage and big improvements in the bottom end and mids. Very smooth on the top end and need to get another whale... 
Best power cord for Levinson No. 39?
I have a Whale power cable and it works excellent with the ML-39 CD player. The Whale gave it more detail, tighter bass and depth. Plus a dead silent background and made everything quieter. 
Power Cords for Subs, any benefit?
I have an eel(se) power cord that improved the bass depth of my rel sub. More thunderous and dynamic response. 
SACD Dominates Recommended List
Tommart. Where are people buying Marantz SA-1's under $4K?? The player retails for $7500 and average discount is 10- 20% since shopping around for one. You are saying the dealers are blowing them out at almost 50% with your forum. 
JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ?
Decisions,... Decisons. Need Speakers!I have a local JM Lab dealer who has a Band New Pair of Mezzo Utopias in the Box,for $ 8400 plus tax (that's about 40% discount). Should I go for it, or try for a B&W N-801 in that price range. I need some... 
JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ?
Thank you very much CD. 
Best version of Aqualung on CD?
The DCC Gold CD is the best one I'v heard up to this point. 
Has anyone compared AQ Argent to Tara?
The Arget+ blows the Tara away. I had them both and compared and now use the Argent+ double biwired speaker cable in my $75K reference system. Great resolution and bass. 
HiFi is an opinion - nothing more
You are an A-HOLE Larryh. Why even post that BS. Why don't you go enjoy your Emerson clock radio. Because I am sure that you will hear the same thing as someone who has hi-end gear. 
NRG Control Power Amps
Hey Tony007. I was looking for the the 401S mono block amps and the PA1 preamp. Back in 1990 I had the set up on loan from the manufacturer. I use to be in the industry and was a friend of friend of the President of NRG ..Jack , I forget his last ... 
DAC at us$1000
The best DAC that I've heard period, regardless of age is the Threshold DAC/1E with the big outborad E-power supply. This unit is pretty incredible and has a 0 phase and a 180 phase. Just unbelievable, you have to hear one. It had retailed for abo... 
Amplifier for Martin Logan Requests
Best sounding amps with "ANY" Martin Logans I heard were the Threshold SA/1's that I heard at a dealer a few years back. Just incredible, I couldn't afford them then, I wish I had a pair. 
dvd player or pioneer cdp for transport?
I have a Pioneer Elite DVD-09 DVD player, and was using as a CD transport and a pretty good one too. But not question, a friend of mine brought over his beautiful Pioneer Elite PD-S95 (Dedicated CD Transport) and there was no comparison. The PD-S9...