newbie making first amp choice

I recently purchased New Advent Loudspeakers (large) in great condition and a used Music Hall 25.2 CD player. The Advents can run a little brassy especially with CD's so I've been thinking of warming the sound up with a tube or hybrid amp. I rarely crank it really loud, quality normal volume listening is more important. I listen to rock, jazz, blues, and decent country. My budget for the amp is 400-700 which means I'm starting to look at things like Fatman, or Chinese brands like Quinpu. I'm also quite open to going with a Music Hall, Cambridge, NAD, solid state if that's better. Interested in any opinions. Right now using old Kenwood KA-305 (40 wpc/1980's I think).
Maybe a used Rega Brio solid state. You might also look at Jolida integrated used. Good value in a tube amp design.
Whats your price range?

Jolida tube hybrids for around 350-500

onix sp3 tube int amp around 450

take your time and buy used
If I might throw this into the mix.Find yourself a gently used Yaqin Tube Buffer,the model with the SINGLE Tube(6J1 I believe)& a nice 6922 Triode Tube(JJ 6922 about $20.00).Add in 2 pair decent copper interconnects,Wireworld Luna 6 comes to mind(1 pair from CD/P to buffer & 1 pair from buffer to receiver).You will be AMAZED at what this simple little device will do to your current gear.See how you like what you hear & you might not need a new amp right away & even if you do you should have enough $$$ left over for a nice little NAD-Cambridge Audio or Marantz integrated.Good luck...
Class A amps such as the Music Hall Mambo may work for you. They are warmer than some of the others.
I use Sunfire SRA 250WPC that I had a chance to purchase NIB for just $700 and its performance is stunning especially in balanced mode. I used it so far for 7 years straight and never found a worthy upgrade to it.