Advice for Amp choice

I just purchased a pair of Paradigm studio 100's V3. Currently I have a HK AVR7300 receiver driving them with some anti-cables. I will be converting to seperates albeit slowly. My next purchase will be a 5 channel AMP using my HK as a pre-amp. I will be using my setup for both music/movies, 60/40 respectively.

My short list includes the following:

Anthem MCA 50
Anthem MCA 5
Sunfire Cinema Grand 5x200
Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig 5x400
Arcam 7805 5x300

I can purchase the MCA 5 or Cinema grand for a substantial discount compared to the other three. Will the power hungry Paradigms sound better with over 200 watts? I'm more interested in quality of sound vs. a ton of power. The arcam is compelling but seems to be just too large for my setup.

Thanks for any/all opinions
Sorry typo ADCOM GFA 7805 not ARCAM
Get a Parasound or Rotel. Both very good and in your price range used I think.
Leaning toward the Parasound 2205 or new version 5250...Any reviews/thoughts?
My vote for Sherbourn 7/2100. You can Bi-Amp with great results.