Choices for multi ch digital transport-Oppo best?

I am searching relentlessly for a transport that outs via HDMI all available source material including multi channel SACD(assume it would be downmixed)and blu ray.. Oppo recommends the 93 model if you are only using it as a transport to a high end processor.Are there any better (higher end)solutions?
There are some that are built to a higher physical standard but I have not used them and, so, I cannot say if they offer any better performance. I can say that the Ayre DX-5 (which is based on the Oppo BDP-83) is a better performer but only you can determine if the price differential is warranted.

Kr4: Does the Ayre output DSD? Just saw your review on the Yamaha unit which definitely outputs DSD which I really want. Glad I saw your review. There doesn't seem to be many units that won't downconvert the SACD datastream.
It definitely does.
Didn't realize it was 10k. For my purposes unless it's hdmi output is in some way vastly superior to oppo or the yamaha player other it doesn't make much sense except for pride of ownership.