Speaker Cable Choice?

Just starting out need some input on good choices to match with B&W 601 and Rotel RA-1060. Thanks for any help.
You should try bi-wiring the 601s. If you don't want to bi-wire, then at the very least replace those brass jumpers with a small run of the same or similar speaker cable. Decent "jumpers" are made by Analysis Plus at all grades for cable.

For not a lot of money is the IXOS 6003 which sells for $1.49 per foot with free shipping at www.AC4L.com (Accessories for less). Just buy double the length you need, and use double runs to biwire. Just combine the wire at the amplifier end, and the 4 separate ends to the terminals on the 601s. So if you need 8 feet to the speakers, then purchase 32 feet for about $50. You could add crimp on spades or pins if you like.

You will also finds some nice deals on used bi-wire cables at The Cable Company (www.usedcable.com). There are usually muliple pairs of Audioquest and Wireworld bi-wire cables at reasonable prices. I believe they have a demo/return policy as well, so you could try a few.

If you can afford new, then a Bi-Oval pair of Analysis Plus "Clear" would match well for about $190.00 list for 8 feet ($161 for 6ft), or get the A Plus "Clear" jumpers $59 and some single wire. The least expensive biwire Analysis Plus the Bi-Theater 4 which is only $115 for 8 feet ($97 for 6 feet).

If you bi-wire you can use a cheaper cable for the bass, and still improve performance over using a jumper. It is sad to me that so many use a bi-wire single cable pair instead of two separate pairs. The bass and the mid-highs perform better when the very low and high frequencies are separated by the cables.

Audioquest Type 4 ($14/ft pair list) is a bargain cable at entry level. For really tight budget the F-14 ($1/ft list) is a good performer.

You can also use the Kimber PBJ interconnects. Excellent entry level product.I think they are only $60-75 1m pair.

I personally use Cardas Cross speaker ($433 1m pair list), and Audioquest Diamond ($950 1m pair list) and Lapis ($575 1m pair list) interconnects. I will have to get some 801's, Revel's, or Beethovens before I would pay more for cables.

And you can see why I am present at AudiogoN where buying used can half those high prices (though they are not the highest by any means).