New Rega Apollo-R

I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to my new Apollo. I just replaced my old Rotel CD player and straight out of the box I couldn't be happier. Boy does this new source make my system sound so much better.

My system is a PrimaLuna Classic Integrated tube amp, Totem Aro's, and Wavelength Proton DAC, interconnects are Kimber Kable PBJ or Timbre's. The sound difference between the DAC and the original CD player isn't real big so I was expecting an improvement but not this great.
Stage seems much bigger, clarity and separation better, with still really nice musicality (if that's the right word for the music still being cohesive).
I debuted it with US3 Cantaloop (flip fantasia) for it's solos and blend of horns, percussion, piano and vocals. I know that this "review" is pre-mature as it's all so new and that's all I had time to listen to so far but I was so happy I wanted to voice it to some folks who would understand. Tomorrow more vocals, and guitar but from what I heard so far I expect to be just as pleased.
Are you using the Rega with the DAC or by itself?
This is a very solid performer and a fantastic transport. I'm running mine with a Decware DAC, Manley electronics and Penaudio Cenya monitors. As a transport, a giant killer.
Once it gets broken in and you've had some time to listen to it, try it as a CD player. The DAC in your Rega is excellent. You may prefer it.
Without creating a similar post, let me ask those who once owned or heard the original Apollo, IF THE APOLLO-R is that much better than the original?? Or, just marginally so?? The ads say so, but the few reviews I've read seemed to be less unenthusiastic about the player. Does it approach the performance of the Rega Saturn???

Also, I have seen at least 20 Apollo-R's on sale on Audiogon over the last year. That to me is a "red flag" that this player may not be as good as expected or claimed by some reviewers.

Its just as likely that people that already own the Apollo-R are reading the reviews and then selling them because of the negative comments in the review. (Just to note, I don't read reviews, so I'm going on the info in your post, and nothing else. I have no idea what reviewers are saying about anything.)

Anyway, this can be good for you. Most audiophiles don't know their a$$ from their elbow and need the reviewers to tell them what to do. If I were you, I would listen to the Rega myself and see if it was any good. If it is, you should be able to get one cheap from one of the fools selling theirs.

There's no better way to use a review. Find the ones they get wrong, and clean up.

I went from the Apollo to Apollo-R. To my ears I really can't say there is a big difference. I sold my Apollo-R because it struggles tracking imperfect disc.
Thanks to those who answered my questions.

Jetson, Sorry,I highjacked your thread for 24 hours.

Zd542. I don't agree with you much on the issue of reviewers veracity, or the accuracy of their evaluations. However, I think it is not entirely foolish to get some insight from them about many components. The current world of audio is not some medieval fair where all prodicts are brought to market to be tasted and tried.

I live in Hawaii which is the backwaters of audio in USA, so there are limited opportunities to audition the upper level audiophile products that are not off the chart in price.

Actually, I have heard the Apollo-R 3 times, and it sounded very good. However, whether it surpassed the original player is hard to tell and I did not want to bring it home for comparison. Maybe, I should have.

However, in some instances your point is well taken. Some reviewers are either stone cold deaf or are just shilling for the product submitted to them for evaluation.

Hows the new rega Apollo-r going, has it continue to improve? I am wondering if it will improve on my old Marantz cd-63se.