Planet or Apollo...worth the $ difference?

Want to upgrade cdp. Wondering if Apollo is worth twice sound wise. I can be on the watch and score a Planet for about 3 bills or an Apollo for about 7 bills. I would also like to be able to play sacd/dvda as well and have considered a Denon 2910/3910 dvd univ player. What you guys/gals think?

Have top Nht classic series spkrs( bi-amped with x2/a1's), Signal pc's/ic's, Boston(Sherwood) power, Yammy cdp, hd vid player, panamax, and a really comfortable couch.
I've owned all that you mention. I recommend the 3910.

Good luck,

IMO, the Apollo is worth at least times what it costs. The best player I know of in it's price range, so yes, I would say it is certainly worth it. If you like your Planet, you will like the Apollo even better.
I agree with Learsfool. The Apollo is one nice player. Like Rega says in it's add It is a very different sounding player and that it is. All for the better.