NEW Discovery: Getting the Oppo DSD Output to a Dac.

Getting the Oppo DSD Output to a Dac.

I’m no longer using a Preamp. So it’s been a long time since I have been able to play my SACD’s.  I really didn’t want to pay for new digital downloads after paying so much for the many SACD’s that I currently own.

I saw an adapter listed on EBay from China that caught my attention. It costs $18 bucks including shipping! It looks to be well made and fairly small. It comes with a wall wart AC adapter. But, I found that it is not needed. It seems the little adapter gets its power from the HDMI via the Oppo. At one end of the adapter is the HDMI input. The other end outputs Optical or Coaxial and both are assessable at the same time.

Now with this little adapter I have been able to take the extra HDMI output from my Oppo 95 and convert that output digitally to my PS Audio Direct Stream Dac.  And, it is outputting the DSD stream! The PS Direct Stream Dac shows 24/88.2 Hz as the input. Now, I can now play my SACD’s again and they sound fantastic!

So, I have been copying my SACD’s into my hardrive. To do this, I first copy the 24/88.2Hz signal using my Tascam DA 3000 onto a SD card. Just for the heck I’m also recording that Oppo output at 24/192 HZ. Then I simply transfer that recording to my Hardrive.

Here is the link.

Yo Ozzy,

Where's the link?
It is outputting PCM, not DSD.
Yes, you are right. Still it is at the High Resolution rate of the SACD.
What do you mean by "High Resolution rate"?    Resolution of SACD is 1-bit. Rate is 2.8MHz.  You cannot possibly record that to hard disk.  Normally only data is stored to HD without timing.  Rate is recreated with playback device or program.


When the coax or the toslink is connected to either the Direct Stream Dac or to the Tascam for recording, those units show they are receiving a 24/88.2 signal.

Because it was converted from 1-bit 2.8MHz to 24-bit 88.2kHz  PCM. It is "high resolution rate" of PCM obtained by converting SACD and not the rate of SACD itself (1-bit 2.8MHz).   Also, amount of information is higher than 16/44.1 but sound will be, most likely, very different from the sound of SACD player.
I just removed the Chinese adapter and ran the coax straight out of the Oppo to the Dac and it is still receiving the 24/88.2 signal. So, it looks like the Oppo CAN output the HiRez signal through the Coax, albeit PCM.
kijanki, The sound is Better than playing the SACD out through the analog outputs. So what is your point?

I'm sorry for all the extra postings, I'm trying to be accurate.

In order for me to record the Hi Rez signal from the Oppo I do need the Chinese adapter in the chain.

The point was that sound most likely will be different since SACD D/A converter and PCM D/A converter are very different (SACD is simplier).  I'm glad you like PCM version more than the original SACD.

I'm sorry I still don't get your point. When I owned a SACD player the output was analog not DSD or PCM.

Hey Ozzie,

When you connect the Oppo to the Direct Stream and play an SACD, what bit and sampling rate show on the Direct Stream?
Yes, but this analog output was obtained by using very simple internal D/A converter (practically a filter) that is completely different than converter in your DAC when you feed it PCM.  Sound should be different, that's all. 


The Direct Stream shows 24 bit with 88.2 sampling rate which is the same as the SACD output. But it does show PCM if that matters.

The point some are trying to make is that you are not outputting a DSD signal to an external D/A.  The Oppo is internally converting the DSD stream to a PCM stream.  I imagine there is a menu setting that will let you adjust the sample rate/bit depth of the converted signal.  The thread title makes it sound as if you were actually getting the Oppo to output a DSD signal.
I guess you shout check out the new Bryston BDA-3 DAC that can accept DSD over HDMI from your Oppo. Just a thought.

onhwy61, I agree I screwed up on the title and wish I could change it but I can't. Still, I have received many comments such as yours on he subject , so maybe that's a good thing.

 just found out that my Bryston BDP-2 that even if I could send it in true DSD the Bryston does not support it. 

So far not interested in the Bryston BDA-3 over the Direct Stream.

Ozzy, the Oppo 105D outputs true native DSD via its USB (the one on the back, not the spare USB inputs on the front). Regular 105 and other models don't do this (unless I missed a recent change within last 6 months). 
Your comments tell us that you prefer the sound of the Direct Stream DAC to the sound of the DAC built in to the 95, which makes sense. 
Too bad the 95 doesn't have a headphone amp/jack because then you could compare PCM converted vs DSD files of same tracks by headphone to decide what differences are important enough to drive your direction. Cheers,
Seems like you're getting PCM digital hi-res out of that Oppo when -as I understand it- that isn't supposed to be possible on SACD. It may not be the DSD but the assumption I make is that it could still sound better than the 16/24 rate an SACD plays at on a non-SACD capable plays. 

if your ears like it, that's what matters.  I have recorded 16/44.1 streams at 24/96 (by mistake - I had some recorder settings wrong) and my old ears preferred the higher resolution version over the streamed version. 

Love that Tascam unit and here's hoping you get those SACDs listened to.

sbank, dbtom2, Thank you for your comments. I will try the usb out on the back to see if that does indeed work with my Dac. I also always thought recoding the HiRez signal from SACD was not possible. I guess that is why I was so amazed and why I wanted to post this.
Sony( from what the man who designs and makes the exosound dacs, some of the best dsd capable dacs on the market, told me,) does not allow sacd signals to altered by another outboard dac by copyright.
Sorry, I mistyped in my last post. What I meant was that the newer Oppo 105D will accept native DSD (.dsf & .dff) files from a computer or streamer via the USB INPUT on the back. 
If you are playing SACD discs on your Oppo 95, I believe all the digital outputs will output native DSD, so the rest is on your dac and its inputs. Cheers,