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Changing melody and tempo songs
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby Stills Nash Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey - Paul and Linda McCartney   
LP stores in Portland, Maine
  Bull Moose.  It's been 30 years since I visited their stores but the music they recommended and sold has always been a favorite of mine. https://www.bullmoose.com Perhaps they have a location near you.       
Best software to rip CDs to Mac (Mini)
I use XLD to rip to AIFF on my Mac mini and iMac. Very happy with the results. It is a free download but I've donated a few bucks to the author because I ripped almost a thousand albums using it.  I'm sure it's a personal bias but I really think ... 
Just got some AudioEngine A5+ speaker and they blow my mind
Yeah @ozzy62 but it gives those of us who have purchased and enjoyed those simple, high value speakers a chance to validate our decision to buy them. I agree with @seichi . The imaging and soundstage is awesome on those speakers - at least for me... 
Question about Audioengine speakers... A2 or A5+?
I picked up my A5+ during a Black Friday special Audioengine sponsored a few years back. I was planning on getting the A2's but the savings on the bigger speaker was too good to pass up. In my haste, I overlooked the technical detail that the A5 ... 
Any Audioengine fans?
+1 AudioEngine   My A5+ are terrific sounding at the far corners of my standing desk. Fed by a Schiit stack that I must sometimes use for headphones, the soundstage they present is wonderful. Nice nearfield speakers from my experience. I have ne... 
Is anyone using a large-screen TV/music setup as your personal computer setup as well?
+  1 to what @dbphd wrote. My Mac Mini and a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse are a great way to share streaming content with a group - or browse by myself. This was a no brainer when I noticed the HDMI output on the mini. I have the keyboard next... 
Moving Roon from Mini to Nucleus: PITA
I can't tell if you've posted this issue to the Roon Community Forum. DBPHD didn't show in my search. Suggest you log on and ask the question. Plenty of good advice and solutions there. https://community.roonlabs.com/   Good luck! T.  
I've had mostly good results with Airplay, streaming to HomePods, Apple TV devices, and other Airplay compatible devices. The sound quality is more than satisfactory to me. I listen fully aware of the sampling rate changes of the original material... 
Guys talking about a Led Balloon
A good read. For me. My long-ago decisions justified... https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/01/31/led-zeppelin-gets-into-your-soul-jimmy-page-robert-plant-and-bob-spitz-biography    
And a Happy Festivus to all!
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
When do you know your system is pleasing to listen to? It's when the size of the sweet spot doubles and my S.O. curls up next to me, the corners of her eyes showing promise and mystery. She turns to me and says, "I like this." And I'm not sure i... 
Listening to music I don’t particularly like
I regularly listen to music that I don't think I will like. Perhaps the artist's work didn't appeal to me or I didn't get enough exposure to the artist's oeuvre. I think to myself: There must be a reason this artist is so highly regarded. Happily... 
Schiit PSYT audio cables
The 6" short Pyst is a great IC between Modi, Loki, and Magni. No problems, great connection.  
Best Desktop Speakers under $500
Audioengine makes a line of passive and active speakers in that budget and style.