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HomePod stands
Same quest, different color.Amazon searches turn up some choices that don’t quite work for me. I want something stable but not interested in retrofitting a stand designed for a Sonos speaker.Let us know if you find something.   
TIDAL Master Quality
It's the Bluetooth link. Need to get that stream to the MDAC by wire or WiFi. Most of the  benefit of MQA is lost using Bluetooth. Maybe in the future but not with 4.0  
MacBook Pro Playback distortion
Thats a sweet machine, one I plan to obtain for myself.  I would:1) Try a different player. Maybe a free Roon trial.  Will Quicktime play a file?2) Not sure if Itunes will “see” music on an attached drive. But if Quicktime plays badly from your ss... 
Quad ESL 63 In Another League Now
I am enjoying this exchange.  @georgehifi You’re needed in another post:https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/is-my-dac-my-weakest-link 
Recommendation for DAC under$1k with Luxman integrated and Harbeth 30.1
There’s a Benchmark DAC2 HGC listed now for $1,100.00.  Great unit and good price.  Unaffiliated but coveting that unit.   
Anyone go from a single HomePod to a pair?
Two paired Homepods and an iphone or iPad w|/Tidal makes a great little system.  The imaging is okay but not exactly holographic.  Pretty good sound, a bit bass heavy, especially when the mix is bass heavy.  Room filling sound.  My favorite setup ... 
Hegel USB and ROON suport
Surprised to see no replies to your question. I dont have the equipment you listed and per your request can’t offer a potential remedy. I tried to find your request for help on the Roon Community forum but couldnt quite match your dilemma with any... 
Super Simple theory on speaker cables
Well explained Erik. I will keep that in mind and curb my skepticism.  
Your favorite male soul voices
+1 Solomon BurkeBill WithersBrook Benton 
AirPlay - "Best" solution help...
I love the Airplay ecosystem and completely understand why you would like to use it. My only suggestion would  be to consider hard-wiring the Apple TV to your router and eliminating as much wireless transmission in that music signal path as possib... 
fascinating article on compression and a "bit more"
rpeluso - Thanks for the heads up. Good read, great charts.  
Is there a quality website that lists upcoming releases of music
Allmusic.comA must visit every Friday. Good reviews, release info and discographies.   
What's your definition of analog smell?
It smells of...           ....victory.   
CD ripping for the lower end.
+1 for XLDRip to aiffiTunes is underrated by many.  The iTunes remote works great. Good plan and zero $ risk. 
Work Headphones Under $200, sealed, easy to drive
Based on an Innerfidelity review, I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.40BT wireless over the ear headphones at Best Buy for $99. Usually $150. They can be used wired or wireless.  Love the sound and isolation for the price but my noggin is a bit...