Need to consider a new pair of ICs

I've been using AZ Absolute Silver XLR ICs between my PS Audio PWD Mk.II DAC and Pass X1 preamp with great success. Clear, open, musical. Great throughout the entire frequency range without having that "etched" or bright top end that silver cables may be known for.

I'm demoing another DAC, and after 160 hours or so of burn in I'm finding that the AZ Absolute may not be as good a match in this case. What I'm hearing is some harshness in the upper mids thru low treble (or "hotness"), and ironically not quite as open a top end as my reference setup. I have a strong suspicion I have a lot of time to go with the burn in, but I also think that these qualities that I'm hearing will not magically "go away" even with some hundreds of hours more (although they may get better).

I think I need to consider finding a better IC match for this DAC and my Pass. I'm looking for what I had with the AZ Absolute - but with a smoother (not softer) open mid and upper range - and if there is some magic cable that will get me that and an open, smooth, extended top end it would be great. Basically an open, articulate cable from top to bottom with neither edge nor softness.

This new DAC, BTW, does do a number of things better than my PWD. It may be a keeper if I can integrate it properly with the rest of my system.
Have you tried the AZ Absolute Copper? It's a bit smoother than the Absolute Silver, IMHO.
Just curious, but what leads you to believe that the issue is being caused by lack of synergy between that cable and the DAC, rather than by the DAC itself? Or by lack of synergy between the DAC and something else in the system (such as the digital source or its cable), or between the DAC and the system as a whole?

-- Al
I know that some feel that this is heresay, but I'd give that DAC about 400 hours or so to fully break in.

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Yes, break the DAC in before drawing conclusions. If you need a warmer sound, PAD might work.
My first reaction was similar to Al's. If the only thing you changed was the DAC...

Why would you not have heard that same harshness in the upper mids under the old setup? The only conclusion one could arrive at is that the PS Audio DAC was somehow smoothing things over. I would not look to a cable for the fix.

Might be helpful to try another DAC before introducing two new unknowns into the system .
05-20-14: Nicotico
My first reaction was similar to Al's. If the only thing you changed was the DAC.

That was my initial reaction as well. However, in his last sentence in his original post he claims that the new DAC does a number of things better than the old DAC. This is very common, rarely is the new _____ better than the old _____ in every single category. Most times, if one likes the new unit better, it's simply a matter of the good that it does outweighs the downside.

Certainly the easiest thing to do is to allow it another couple hundred hours to burn in. This will take only a week or so running 24/7. He may find out he doesn't need different interconnects.
What's the new DAC? Someone here probably has one and may have a helpful perspective on this issue.
+1 on Soix's question: As an owner of the PS Audio PWD MKII, I'd *love* to hear your choice for a new DAC... before I pop on a Directstream.