Are Quad 22L2 's considered highly colored?

I listened to these recently and immediately liked what I heard, but thought they had lot of what I would call color. Not sure if that is the term though. I wondering if they get fatiguing over 30 minutes or so. The other speaker I'm considering the Totem Hawk.
I onced owned the 22L (not the 22L2) speaker. My experience was that this the 22L is a ''forgiving'' speaker in the sense that everything is covered with some kind of an envelopping ''glow'' that makes everything sound listenable, including harsh-sounding cd's. It then becomes very subjective - if you like the sound, everything will sound nice on it. But it is not a neutral speaker by any stretch.
No...just the opposite...I found them extremely revealing...almost to the point of fatigue...the tweeter too hot for my tastes...excellent bass however...
Can't speak of 22L. I have the 21L. If they have color...then I say, I love them that way. My experience with Quad dynamic speakers has been absolutely positive. For me they image well and are non-fatiguing. They reveal what you feed them with. And with my room treatment, they are in a totally new league. I am surprised that Phasecorrect found them fatiguing. I have listened to them for 4 hours straight and could still go on...till I realize that it is already past 3:00AM.
I feel you should audition the 22L and Hawk and then decide what you like. Both speakers have their "house sound". I auditioned and preferred the Quad "house sound", but YMMV.
I have owned them for the last 2 years in my Bedroom system.
Killer speakers for the price.
Very revealing... not fatiguing at all and excellent bass. My other speakers are Salk STs and Onix Rockets to give u an idea of the sound I like.
Speakers can be both colored and revealing at the same time. Those two are not mutually exclusive...
Just recently acquired a new pair of 22L2's and my overall experience with them has been very strong. I've listened to them 2 to 3 hours each morning and enjoyed every minute of it. NO, they're not fatiguing at all. They image very well and the bass is excellent.
One thing I did notice that Quad has come out with the 23L and 25L. They look awesome. The Quad 23L may suit your needs. Here are some links: