Need opinion of which subs to get

I have been doing a lot of searching, now just looking for input on best sub that would match my speakers. I have it narrowed down to dual SB12-nsd, or dual Rythmik F12SE, or maybe dual Epik Empires. these will be for music only, no HT, I am looking to boost that lower octave if you will, any input appreciated.

Current equipment:
Classe CP-35 preamp
Audio Research D-130 Amp
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signatures(1 piece)

I was in your same boat a couple months ago.

Needed a sub for music only for Celestion Sl600s. Ended up getting lucky with a good match with a Revel b15a.
I use a pair of Rhythmiks and couldn't be happier. I've also heard great things about SVS from people that I trust. You're probably in good shape either way.

I always note that I use an Audyssey enabled pre-pro from Onkyo to integrate the subs, even tho this is a strictly 2 channel, audiophile type system. Speakers rotate between Merlin, Verity, Magnepan and (primarily) Ohm. Sources are QSonix and Cary digital, Acoustic Solid and Oracle analog. Down the fairway, audio hobbyist hardware.

I definitely prefer the "odd bedfellows" approach to a 2 channel system that includes subs. IME, whatever benefits were provided by my high end preamps (ARC LS-25 or Joule LA 100) were swamped by Audyssey.

The usual IMHO and YMMV disclaimers apply here.

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How big is your room? I just picked up a mint SVS SB13 Plus which is about 95% as the same sub as the SVS SB13 Ultra. I am totally blown away by this sub for music and HT. I added the SVS to my existing Revel B15 which I consider the most musical sub I have ever heard. The SB13 Plus matches the B15's attack and speed and from my short time with it, bests it in dynamics.

Don't know what your budget is but the SB13 Ultra is currently selling for $1599.00 shipped for either finishes. I know dual SB12-NSD's can be had for $1149.00 shipped but the Ultra driver from the SB13 Ultra is worth the price of admission, IMO.

A pair of Vandersteen 2WQs with Vandersteen X 5 High Pass system offers many advantages from a purity sense.
The main advantage is the adjustability making things easier for your ARC amp to drive your main speakers.
This dramatically improves dynamics clarity and transparency while the pair of sealed 2WQ subs allows for a better in room response. This system makes it obvious
that most good 2Ch pre amps are more natural sounding than units with micro processors and gadget type processors.
Best JohnnyR Vandy dealer
A pair of SVS-12-nsds for $1149 is hard to argue with from a value standpoint. A possible issue is they are down 3dB at 23Hz, which is only a couple Hz below where your speakers supposedly drop off (although Tyler didn't publish +/-dB figures). I'm sure they'd still make a pretty big improvement, but if you're looking to go deeper something like the SB13 Ultra might work better. If it's out of your budget I suppose you could start with one and buy another one later, although you save a couple hundred bucks by buying two but still $2999 so quite a bit pricier.

If I'm you and given your system I'm definitely doing dual subs, and if budget is a concern a pair of 12s seems very enticing (I'm considering them myself). Feedback I've gotten from people who've used them was very, very positive from performance, build quality, customer service, and value perspectives. I'm sure some of the other options listed above would be fantastic as well, but I'm not familiar with their cost but suspect they may be a bit more expensive.

Best of luck, and I'd be very interested in whatever you decide and how it works out.
Thanks for the responses, I am leaning towards the SVS sb12-nsd as cost is somewhat an issue. BTW rooms measurements are 13 x 24.

"I am leaning towards the SVS sb12-nsd as cost is somewhat an issue. BTW rooms measurements are 13 x 24."


Dual SVS SB12-NSD's would be a fine choice for that room size. I do understand budget restraints and they definitely factor in most of my purchases.

Good luck with the purchase,
You can get two SVS SB-1000 for a grand. I used one with my Harbeths and it is outstanding. Svs has free shipping and 45 day money back if you do not like them. They are a great company to deal with,so it is a no brainer to give them a try!
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