nakamichi oms 2a cd ?

I just pick this up it sounds good . but reads 5 out ov ten cds what do you think?bad laser.hope not when it pLays        it sound good  it will onLy  read some cds . thank you,
Sounds like a laser going bad that's a pretty old machine. Have you tried cleaning it though? It may just be dirty.
Don't blame the messenger, but I agree with jond that it sounds like your laser is failing. In fairness to Nakamichi, that's a very old machine. Enjoy it while you can, then just buy another player.
If it’s not skipping maybe it just needs cleaned and the sled or guides need lubricated. 
It won’t hurt to try cleaning the laser or lubricating the sled guides. It’s your money. In the meantime, I would shop for a new player.
I had one of these when they were brand new and it didn’t read discs then either all the time. They did sound really good back then though.