nakamichi or arcam

for just under $3000 i can buy either the nakamichi avr and dvd or the same set up from arcam the diva reciever and dvd88 both brand new models and not reveiwed by the experts yet. any opinions
For what it's worth I have the Nakamichi DVD-10(the original)-audio wise it was as good as the Arcam 7 I replaced it with (although I now use it as a transport). The Nak sounded more analytical although the Arcam was more rounded in it's sound. One of my local dealers stocked the Nak AV kit (AV10)due to the fact they reckoned it gave good 2 channel sound as well. I would reckon either way there wouldn't be too much between them although I would imagine on straight audio it would depend on what way you like your music presented. Certainly in the UK the diva DVD is getting good reviews (not that means much).
I listen to the Arcam DV88 and AVR100. It is a really great sounding set-up. Arcam is planning to have an upgrade board for DVD-audio. I bought an Arcam CD-72 and I am very happy with it. It is a lot more refined than the Alpha 7. Here are some reviews: