Do the Nakamichi PA-7 & PA-7A amps sound the same?

I wonder if there are any sonic differences between the Nakamichi PA-7 and the later PA-7 Mark II powe amplifiers, apart from the higher power rating of the Mark II, which may give it greater dynamics?
Would there be any transparency improvements, for example, with the more current version of the PA-7, the PA-7A?

By the way, I have an original PA-7 mated to an upgraded NYAL Moscode Minuet preamp, and the combo seems to be a very good marriage.
I have owned both and currently have a PA-7A. The only difference seems to be an even wider range on the PA-7A per the specifications. But this is in the range of 22kHz so most preamps will cut off below this frequency anyway.

But if your hearing goes up that high you may find an odd resonance on the high end with some interconnect cables. I did not see that problem on my PA-5 and upgrading my interconnects eliminated it on the PA-7A