Ohms Rating on Nakamichi PA-7

Hey all, I have a quick question.

I'm trying to drive a pair of the original Focus Speakers by Legacy with an original Nakamichi PA-7. They are rated at 4 Ohms. I push the amp as hard as it can go sometimes to get the volume I want. I just got this system, and I still have a lot to learn about technical stuff. Obviously, I'm concerned about whether I'm putting the amp in danger of being damaged.

My question is, specifically, if the Nakamichi PA-7s were designed to deal with speakers rated at 4 Ohms (I can clearly see that it is designed for 8 Ohms). Could someone please explain this stuff to me? I have very little technical knowledge. Thanks!! -Rob
Yeah, I used to own a Nakamichi PA-7. The Nakamichi is designed to put out a solid 200 watts per channel REGARDLESS of the load. A four ohm load is fine. It will heat up a little more. The amp runs hot, and that is hot it was made. I was thinking about modifiying mine with a cool top before I sold it, but you would have to ship it out and have them install the top, then readjust the idling currect since the top interferes with that. I would use premium speaker cables with that amp and also an aftermarket power cord designed for some current draw (shunyata research has some very affordable units). Keep the amp unless you want to spend a lot more to get better sound. I wish I would not have sold mine. What kind of preamp are you using? If you have to turn it all the way up, it could not be the best of interactions between the preamp and the amp, this is not the amp's fault. You may need to experminent. Dont limit yourself to only solid state, look into some tubes as well. Hopefully this helped