Nakamichi deck directly into power amplifier

Hi. I use my Nakamichi 682ZX as a main source. It has an output level control, so I was thinking of why not replace my Audiolab 8000LX integrated with better power amp and skip the preamp? Anyone tried this? Would I lose anything, some weight in the presentation perhaps?
I have done this with a tuner with output control with no problem. Just give it a try you have nothing to lose.
As long as the integrated has amp inputs it would be the same as using a passive preamp.
According to the specs shown near the bottom of this page, the 682ZX has a 1 volt maximum output voltage, and an output impedance of 2.2K.

So you would want to choose a power amp having an input sensitivity (the amount of input voltage required to drive it to full power) of significantly less than 1 volt, perhaps around 0.5 volts. Many power amps have sensitivities in the area of 1.5 volts, in which case you wouldn't be able to drive it to full power, even with the volume control all the way up.

The relatively high 2.2K output impedance means that you should choose a power amp with an input impedance of at least around 25K, and preferably 47K or more. It also means that if the interconnect cable length is long you should choose low capacitance cables, or the upper treble will be rolled off.

-- Al
Sorry about that,I thought the standard was two volts for tape decks,tuners,cd players,etc.
Al, thank you. I was thinking about Rowland 102, now that Jeff finally made an amp that many can afford. His website doesn't give the input sensitivity figure; will have to send him a message.
Yogiboy, I can't try it with the Audiolab though it does have power section inputs. The manual says that some kind of module should be first installed.
Inna, it's possible to calculate the sensitivity from the power ratings for the 102 (100W into 8 ohms, 200W into 4 ohms) and the gain spec (27db). I just did a quick calculation, which indicates a sensitivity of slightly over 1.1 volts. Not an ideal match.

Yogiboy, yes, 2.0 volts is the de facto standard for cdp's, but tape decks and tuners are commonly a good deal lower.

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-- Al
Al, appreciate it. But you upset me - Rowland is not a very good match.
I'm a big fan of bypassing my preamplifier (my esoteric and berkleyboth go direct) but my reel to reel did need the preamplifier.