Can Quads be directly hooked up to an amp?

I have a pair of Quad esl 57's. My source is a Shanling t200a sacd player. I am going to purchase an amplifier. I have been told I can hook the Shanling with its own power source and remote directly to an amp and the speakers directly to the amp without a need for a preamp. Having never done this before I am leary of causing damage to the quads. Can this be done? What should I be cautious about? Thank You
1. Does the Shanling have a volume control?
2. Does it remember the volume setting after turning off and on?

Hi there, the most direct path is indeed, the best path. You will not risk damaging your speakers in any way. You should turn your amps off first, so you do not get the audible "POP" when the CD player is turned off and discharges.
I had thought about buying a Shanling as well. I wound up buying the Droplet CDP from Opera audio. The powers that be felt the built in line stage in the Droplet were superior to any they had heard.
Opera audio also offers a dedicated stand for this unit--together with the player it's visually stunning! The Droplet does remember last volume setting, I'm sure the Shanling does as well.
Good luck & Have fun!