ML390S directly into JC-1's

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with directly connecting the ML390S to JC-1's. I have read some reviews indicating that the ML390S functions best this way, but my own personal experience listening to other systems seems to indicate that a preamp is key to retaining musicality. My loudspeakers are Talon Raven C's. At the moment I cannot listen to ANY music, because my "system" is just an ARC CD2, JC-1's and the Raven C's.

So two options I have are as follows (perhaps there are more):

1) Keep my ARC CD2, find a $2000 balanced tube pre-amp and be done with it.
2) Sell the ARC CD2, get the ML390S (I can potentially get a GREAT deal on one) plug directly into the JC-1. Perhaps save up and demo some pre-amps later next year.

Is the ML390S that much better than a CD2? Any comments would be appreciated!


Not famliar with the ARC but, the 390S is one of the best CD players period! It's a very neutral unit and well built.
I had a 390S, 380S connected to a 335 and have tried it both ways. I prefer going through the preamp. It sounds less brittle and analytical.
According to the manufacturer's website, the 390S output is 4.45V maximum balanced, which is the way to go in my opinion, at least as far as the JC-1s is concerned. As for the sound you will have to be the judge to know whether the tonality and dynamics are right. The JC-1s like to be fed by a preamp, but no doubt there are exceptions to the rule.
Get ML and start saving for a preamp.
Everyone - thanks for your input! I am actually going to see if I can demo the ML390S.