CDP connected Directly to amp with variable ctrl

Hi, I have a Tube output CDP with variable volume control(Ah4000) and I'd like to connect it DIRECTLY to my Integrated amp which has a variable control in the back of the unit(NAD C370);just wonder if in this way would it sound equally good as using a conventional tube preamp ?
My other system: Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC;Quadral Ascent850 spkr.
Your opinion and suggestions is highly appreciated and thanks in advance
There has probably bee a million posts you can research about this with different opinions. If you have a good tube preamp I would use over the volume out on my CDP. In most cases. IMHO etc.etc.
If I'm correct, the ah is based on a marantz cdp. With that said, marantz volumes are not so good. They jump too much in steps and always revert back to a fixed level when turned off. You need in infinitely variable volume control, not one with 6-12 steps. You also need a volume that won't blast you out of the room when you forget to turn down the volume after turning it on.

Both Denon and Sony ES have better built in volume controls from my experience.

If you like your cdp, get something simple that will be transparent like a Creek OBH-12 passive pre-amp.
Thanks Elevick.Actually my CDP has a 0-20 steps volume control .Whats a passive pre-amp do sonically ? How about Musical Fidelity X-PRE comparing to OBH-12 ;which one would match better with my NADC370 ? your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks