My first OLED display

Saw my first OLED display at Frys.
It was an LG 55 inch curved screen (?) $9000.
Best Picture I've Seen -I want one.
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Try to wait until after the Holidays and CES 2014. There will be more competition and price flexibility after the new year begins.

If you cannot wait, try to work a deal with a dealer who is using one as a demo and offer them 60 percent. You should also receive the full warranty and use a major credit card that has 2x warranty protection. I have done this with great success in the past with two Pioneer Elite RPTV's and a Plasma display.

To Tom,

On what planet would a dealer sell a demo of a brand new hot technology and lose thousands and thousands of dollars?

First the margin on TV's is typically 10-20% which is pitiful.

If you think that is a large margin then you have no idea the costs of running a business, and credit cards take 3% plus you have shipping, staffing, electric, insurance etc.

So even if you make 20% gross margin what do you net out at?

Your example of a Pioneer Elite TV demo would work only if the dealer wanted to move one, and the RPRTV market had a much better margin then the current flat panel market.
I DO live in 'Vegas but I don't attend the CES (only T.H.E. Show at the Flamingo).
Anyway, 60% of $9000 is out of my ballpark at the moment.
I want to pay off my house first and then there are those Wilson Sophia IIIs and the new Mustang looks totally awesome...
...Where did I put that lottery ticket?
Try looking for an open box return after Super Bowl.
Never pay full price for anything including the latest technology.
IMHO, you gotta wait this one out.

OLED technology is still changing pretty rapidly and AFAIK the "blue pixel" issue hasn't been solved, but instead worked around in a way that shouldn't provide much comfort when speculating about the life span for these units.

FWIW, the existing models are not 4k compatible and, altho the max 55" screen size and lack of 4k content might largely moot that anyway, I wouldn't want to pay the asking price for a display that won't handle the highest rez content if/when 4k actually takes off.

OLED feels (to me, anyway) like it's gotten to market in a more half-baked form than most new technologies.