multichannel amps with individual level controls?

Anyone out there have any input on 5 to 7 channel amps with individual volume or input control for the different channels? The speakers I am bi-amping require it. I am looking at some B&Ks (7260 and 200.7) and some Parasounds HCA 2205 but am open to suggestions. I need something that will comfortably drive 2- 4 ohm loads and need 200wpc +.

thanks for the feedback.
Some of the older Adcoms, I don't know about the newer ones.
I took a 7 channel amp and I am using three different Pre amps. every DVD recording is different and thus you need to adjust separatedly it made a big difference
I have a plinius Odeon which has 200 watts per channel plenty of drive
Sony made a 5.1 channel analog preamp that does this kind of thing- the TA-P9000ES. There is a stereophile review online. It's a good piece but somewhat rare.

Anyway I would consider adding a preamp if you can't find an amp that does what you need.

I think the Earthquake Cinénova Grande amps do...lots of power.

forgive the question, but if you're using a multichannel amp (ie identical amps, identical sensitivity) to bi-amp , why do you need level controls?