Volume Controls that Accept 12 Guage??

I broke down and am buying in-wall speakers for background music driven from my main amp (maybe a new one?) for areas of the house away from my main set-up. After doing some research, I went with 12 gauge KimberKable as the wiring. Whoops!! Despite some serious research on my part I can't find in-wall volume controls that handle anything larger than 14 gauge wire. Oh the humanity !!! That seems to be a bit self defeating but I already spent the money on the wire and had it installed. Please let me save some face here. Anyone know of volume controls that would work??
If your Kimber is stranded cable, as many are, simply cut off a few of the outer strands from the bundle, sizing down until it will fit your L-pad's terminals.
If you are trying to fit the wire into the eyelet on the L-Pad, you can do either of three things.

1) Slightly enlarge the eyelet in the terminal to accept all of the strands.

2) Solder the wire to the terminal without slipping it through the eyelet.

3) Do as Bob said and reduce the strand count on the wire. The small reduction in gauge or conductor size at this point shouldn't make any noticeable difference. Sean

Most inwall volume controls use terminal strips where there is little room between the wires and the wire can only be stripped a little over one eighth of an inch or it can short out. But if you strip the wire back enough then trim the strands to fit the terminals you can then cut the wires length down so it won't short out. Another remedy would be to make short jumpers out of 14ga. wire and use wire nuts or butt splices to attach the wire togeher.
Thanks all for the great ideas. Keem 'em coming though -- if someone knows of a brand that will take 12 ga, it would make life easier. Again, thanks.
Well, you could unplug the terminal strip and tack solder the wire directly to the pins.
You can join your 12 gauge wire with a short strip of 14 gauge wire using a wire nut. Electricians use them in homes to join wires together in electrical junction boxes. Make sure that you choose the wire nut color that is designed for joining one 12 gauge wire to one 14 gauge wire. Each color represents different wire size combinations.