CD Players with volume controls

I'm trying to plug a CD player directly into an amplifier. Besides Wadia and Theta, what other quality CD players have volume control.
Try the Resolution Audio CD50 or 55, both are outstanding players and have volume controls.
there was a very recent thread on this topic, tho i recollect it threw off more heat than light. (hint: carl_eber has a resolution audio player that he runs direct). BTW, the very best one-box player you can buy, IMConsideredO, is the accuphase 75v. it sounds great run direct, particularly since it has a digital volume control and will not degrade the digital output as other players will.
that last sentence should refer to the analog output, not digital.
Mark Levinson 39(using a Wadia 6 myself).
Sony ES707 and varients. Can't be beat for the buck.
Resolution Audio's CD-55 is hard to beat.
Metronome. Great french unit with tube output stage and volume control. No pre-amp required, GREAT SOUND!
The Linn Genki has variable outputs for connecting directly to an amp.
My only comment: make sure it uses an analog volume control. Digital volume controls are easier, but they compromise resolution.
Marantz CD-17, all the older Yamaha single disk CD players and changers, a few of the Denon CD changers (DCD-460,DCD-360), the Audio Alchemy D/A converter DDE v3.0, one model of Luxman (can't remember the model #), the Rotel RCD-990/991 (but the steps are like 5db apart), just to name a few. I've heard good things about the Metronome, a friend has the Theta and loves it, and since Wadia is out of business you might watch for prices to start dropping on the 830.
Audiopath....Wadia is back in business. Check their web site. don't forget about the KRELL AND LINN single box cd's