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Am i obliged to buy when seller refused at first..
NO. He refused, it's all done. If you want to bring it back to life, seller can accept if buyer is still interested. 
Mark Levinson No.26 Balanced Input Question
you get phono, balanced or neither. Cannot have both. 
Found the ground loop hum source, how to fix?
Jensen VRD-1FF 
Alnico or not alnico ....... what is the bisible d
To help a little with the numbers.4350A is Alnico 2231A Woofer 2202A Mid4350B is Ferrite 2231H Woofer 2202H MidGoogle those drivers and you will see the difference. 
Levinson 432/436 turn on 'pop'
Pop is not right.My description is a faint tick after turn on delay is normal. 
New blues CD that I love
nice - got it - thanks! 
Mark Levinson 26S: analog vs. digital preamplifier
Elduende, which preamps are you referring to when you say digital preamps. I am not aware of any. 
Does this peice have aremote?
No remote with the dac. 
Vintage Bummer: Reel to Reel Saga Continues.... for the belt. Great deck, my personal favorite. It took me a long time to find the right guy to get these from, ended up with six, and all work great. 
old Jbl's distorting
Take them to an authorized JBL repair center and have the cones replaced. I use Eastern Cinema Supply in Mass. The repair kit has cone, voice coil, surround as one piece. Like brand new! 
Best sounding player under $3500 Used ?
Resolution Audio kicks ass at any price. It makes music better than any player that is musical. Get it? But I haven't listened to them all. 
What did YOU get for Christmas?
A Hummer. Gotta buy something besides audio once in a while. Happy Holidays and have a great New Year. 
"Junk" LP listings on audiogon - get rid of 'em
It has gotten ridiculous. How far does one have to scroll down to get through them. Last week I noticed how long the music for sale list was and some guy had 700 listings - 700, at once. This is crazy. Put a limit to the number of listings or some... 
Who has the oldest speakers?
23 years. JBL 4350A Studio Monitors I bought in 1980. Can't seem to part with them. 
Suggestion for Amp to 2 ohm loads?