Remote controls for A/V system

Currently I am using a Marantz RC2000MKII Remote with a RF extender made by Marantz as well. I have been trying to get a reliable way to get a quick response from my components. I have adapted Niles micro-emitters but am still having problems establishing a "reliable response". It is as if I get an interference or something causes certain components mainly a Mitsubish (made by Hughes) DSS
receiver. Has anyone out there had any experience with either the Niles or Xantec systems that they can enlighten me on? Or recommendations of another brand.
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have you tried adjusting the emitter position on the component
I get a lot of problems from my Dish Network receiver also. Seems that the rf and ir capabilities clash. However, my niles system has tamed it nicely. It does get complicated though. I'm using an IRP 6 with a table top IR receiver and a stick on emitter to the units in question. Works flawlessly. Also, the table top reciever tells you via green and red LED's if your signal was accepted or not. Contact me if you really want some detail.
Try the battery in the transmitter that mounts to the rc2000.It might be going.