Most stylish CD player .

Is there a CD player that rings your bell before you even hear it ?
Wow that opens a can o' worms for a guy with no hopes of ever owning any of these.
first off the MBL 1622
second the Oracle CD2000 MkII/
third the Gold Note Stibbert

I don't have a clue how they sound, but that wasn't the question. Just eye candy.
The Sonic Frontiers with the Iris top load opening was pretty sharp I thought and the Oracle for sure.

The Oracle would be my top pick. Some of the older units had really cool lighting. I would like to have one just to look it. Real audio art.
Thanks Theo for providing link to some pictures.
I much prefer the the look of the Bel Canto CD2 to any of the above mentioned players.

All of the superfluous gew-gaws do nothing for me. Give me simple, clean lines and pure functionality please.
Shanling SCD-T200
Ancient Audio CDP
It looks even better in real life.
Pathos Endorphin (sp??) ... all Pathos gear is very stylish
B&O makes the best eye candy.
The Oracle wins this contest hands down. Just an incredible looking machine.
The Endorphin by Pathos. Futuristic baby.
Metronome Kalista. Doesn't sound bad either.
I will put the Jadis Jd-1 Pro Mk11 Light Wood on this short list
Original Rega Planet - classic...
Marantz SA-7. The quality of the casework draws me in before listening to it. Its impressive without being trendy or overly styled. I do not think there is a machine (especially for the price) that surpasses it for its attention to detail.
Well of course i will choose the CDP that i bought, i have to go with my wallet so here was my choice and i think i made a very good one, the Chord One.
Whoa, those Chords look pretty sweet in your photos.
Is there a CD player that rings your bell before you even hear it ?
No. But this is based to look for components were the designer buried the money in premium parts.
Some time ago I was invited to someone who has a very, very expensive System and it looks very, very elegant. I asked him where the Software is. He looks at me and said: "None, I never use it. I just bought it because I like the optics".
Resolution Audio Cantata
blech to Chord and Rega but to each his own :)
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