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Bryston preamps
When I went from the BP 25 to the BP 17 I had more bass and the background wasn't noisey. 
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
I have a Marantz SA-10 and it's a great player. I have a Acoustic Signiture Final Tool with upgraded platter with 24 silencers and upgraded motors. Graham 2.2 ceramic tonearm with a Dynavector 20x2 cartridge amplified by an Acoustech PH1P phono pr... 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
Yes it shines on almost all discs. By far the best player I have had. However I'm not selling my records. 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
The deep and dark mysterious universe. We have only scratched the surface. 
Are todays digital recordings engineered to sound best on a smartphones?
Thanks for your response. I listened to them on my Grado PS 500s and wow. I don't think the compression matters as much with headphones. What is your opinion on that? Also the Grados are midrange forward and that explain some of it. Id like to hea... 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
Stunning on some CDs. But good even on the less well engineered ones. I can still hear that digital signature that is a little irritating that is not present on th record. I'm splitting hairs on that one. Really no big complaints. 97 percent praise. 
Ever tossed a record aside as poorly engineered and produced only to think otherwise later
Yes I thought one was cut too slow compared to the CD. It sounded dull. I rethought that years later and appreciated the mellow smoothness and don't think it was little if any slower that the CD 
Focal 1038Be with Bryston?
I have tve 14b3 and urs much more refined than the 14bsst that it replaced. I'm driving OHM Walsh 5000s and it sounds great. The speakers are a little mellow. 
Decided to buy a high-end CDP - Need help inn the last mile!
Look at my thread on "Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday. Its a great player. 
Best rock song of all times
Sorry its just impossible to answer. My fav rock song changes every month. Right now "Baba O'Reily "(aka Teenage Wasteland) by The Who 
Best LPs to Test Turntables
I agree with Black Sabbath Paranoid. Also Herb Albert Rise. The first track is analog and the next track is early digital 
Spam threads gone wild...
Is there not a fix? 
Spam threads gone wild...
Spam has infected this site. I'm looking less and less these last 2 month's. 
Speaker vibration control device
I had a pair of Techsonics but couldn't tell a difference. I also had concerns that they kept falling off. Also I thought they should have been directly bolted on to the speakers. Take the magnetic panel off too for a secure bond. 
Speaker vibration control device
The speaker stands I made were worthwhile. The bass tightened up and the midrange was less smeared.