Monitor speaker with the best bass at $500 used

I generally understand monitor speakers with small woofers cannot generate deep bass. But would like some input as to whether there are some monitors "used" for $400-500 with tight bass between 40-45HZ.
That would be Von Schweikert VR-1. Easy to drive 8 ohm load and great bass with -3 db at 40 Hz.
I'm a dealer, but the PSB's still amaze me for the money. The B1's are well below your budget brand new. I've sold them to so many friends, and family, I've lost track.
Rrog, There was a used pair available as of 10 days ago, but the seller wanted $550.00 for them They are/were 10 years old and retailed at 995.00. That for me was not a good value. Even a reviewer I know claimed they were worth $300 used and no more. I would have spent to 375.00, but the seller would not budge on price

I assume they were sold, however, with the 'GON's new audio format, the ad just disappears if it is sold which I think is dumb and inconvenient for members. So there is no way to track the sale; as far as I know, the sale may have been cancelled. BTW, and for what ever it is worth, it is no longer possible to contact a member off line who has answered a thread

Zydo, I am sorry but the PSB Alpha 1 reviews are not convincing to me; they have little bass. In addition, I would use them occasionally as an alternative to my main system speakers, but they would be plugged into major electronics and not a NAD integrated. Thanks to all Jim
Check out the B&W 685.
Sunnyjim, $500-$550 is what VR-1s sell for. What do reviewers know about speaker value? They don't pay for anything. If I were selling VR-1s I wouldn't sell them for $375 either. Speakers for $375 don't come with a beautifully finished wood cabinet. For that price you get vinyl. Bose 301s have good bass and they are only $300 NEW. You should check them out. They might be just what you are looking for and they are in your price range. I have a friend using 301s with a Wyred4sound amplifier and he likes them. He likes them so well they replaced his Maggie 1.7s. Go figure. He says all Bose engineers come from MIT and his Bose speakers have incredible design and engineering. Find a store with a 30 day trial. If you don't like them you can take them back for a refund.
Rrog, Thanks for the heads up about the Bose 301; but I had my Bose moment in 1971 when I bought a pair of the original 501( two back firing tweeters and a ten inch woofer.) The low end from this speaker was the best I heard at the time, and overall I enjoyed them. But I will check them out the 301's, if you claim your friend replaced his Maggie's 1.7

I had a good shot at a pair of Totem Staff's, and Talisman, but they have disappeared from the Totem sale inventory with 30 days left on the ad. Either some member has got a "jones" for Totem, or Agon is screwing up. So I ask GON Central to trace VR-1's and the two Totems
to see if they were officially sold.

Todd thanks for the recommendation, but I never was a fan NHT;.....

SACman's I will check out e-bay for a pair of B&W 685, there are currently none for sale on Agon.
Sunnyjim, I have decided to check out the 301s also. I have to find out for myself since there has been so much controvercy about Bose in general. My friend says the bass is insanely good and the speaker presents a big relaxed sound with excellent imaging. They play loud with ease and the speakers are responding well to every system improvement. If the results are as good as I think they will be I am going to write a review.
I'm not a big fan of Totem although my experience is with the Model One. It requires a great deal of high quality power to become balanced. If you are a late night lower volume listener the sound would be lean.
The Vandersteen 1C or 1Ci would fit your budget and requirements and save the cost of stands. I recommend it because I went through monitors from Spendor (S3/5), Totem (Model 1), and Dynaudio (Focus 110 and 140) as well as auditioning ProAc, B&W, other Totem models, etc.--anyhow, I finally realized those tiny boxes just couldn't lay down a realistic foundation for the bottom end when listening to rock and even jazz.

You need to be able to sit a minimum of 7 feet from the Vandies for the drivers to integrate, but that's my only caveat if yours is a small room. Bass guitar and kick drum have real impact, and the bottom end is tight. They're not as tight or deep as the 2CE Sig II (which I used to own) but beat all the monitors I mentioned.
Rrog, I am going to walk over to the Bose store tomorrow and give them a listen. However, when your friend commented that the sound was "big" "relaxed" and excellent imaging, those words seem similar to the way members describe the Ohm/Walsh Talls (38 inches height)....omni directional. It is hard to believe Bose would create a product that is beyond mid-fi. I'll keep you posted.

Regarding, the Totems, even "used" they seem over priced, however the imaging and soundstaging are a marvel I have to confess, I only heard the Totem Hawks, but everytime they sounded great

To Ablang, I had a pair of Vandy IC's about 5-6 years ago. I enjoyed them, but did not think they were overachievers. At the time, I was driving them with an Aragon 4004 MKII amp (200RMS) and a Conrad Johnson PV8 pre-amp. From what I can remember, they sounded pleasant but a bit dull with a limited high-end.....I also had the misfortune of calling Mr Vandy himself about setting the the so-called "rake angle" of the speakers which must be precisely measured, and he berated me for 15 minutues for not reading the one page manual. Unfortunately the 1C are bigger than the Totem Arro, or Staff speakers, and would be awakward in my room along with my main speakers. Thanks

Rrog, I finally got to briefly listen to the Bose 301. The following report is the short (and only) version. Driven by a Onkyo surround receiver and matching CD player, I found the highs to be limited in detail, and also "tinny" sounding; however, bass was above average, and the midrnage was fair. Imaging and soundstaging were what you might expect from Bose's design, but the images were not sharp, and soundstaging was only fair. They were placed horizontally on 14 inch stands, and wired with 18 to possibly 16 gauge wire.

Conclusion. Despite their low price of $328.00, I really believe these speakers would benefit form better electronics, like a NAD 326BBE, or the new Rega BrioR integrated amps. Overall, I think your friend should have his hearing checked and keep his Maggie 1.7's, the Bose 301 is a mid-fi speaker, and is not in the same league with speakers like PSB's Monitor V.6 or the Wharfedale 10.1.... Jim
Sunnyjim, I think you should listen to the Maggie 1.7s with the same Onkyo surround receiver, Onkyo CD player and cables in the same listening environment as the Bose 301s and tell us what you think of the highs and midrange. I find it interesting how audiophiles reject Bose speakers without ever giving them a serious listen. Maybe it's because of the Bose stigma with audiophiles or maybe it's because they already told their friends Bose speakers are crap even though they have no knowledge of their sound quality. I recently picked up a pair of Bose 301s to satisfy my curiosty and I am very impressed. Listening through the 301s I have a better understanding of the singers, musicians and the music. The Bose 301s will not dazzle you with the bright thin sound you get from many audiophile speakers designed for marketing purposes and don't be afraid to turn up the volume because the Bose will not get hard and irritating, they just keep getting bigger sounding. These Bose 301s are very low in distortion giving vocals and instruments an incredibly natural sound. I find myself going through my music collection playing all kinds of music because it sounds good. I recall one reviewer saying Bose speakers are only good for listening to music and I agree.
fully agree with rrog re: the vs vr1s--they're a great, well-built speaker with massive thump for their size. $500-$550 is the correct used price--i've never seen 'em significantly cheaper. you could also look at polk lsi9.
Zydo, I am sorry but the PSB Alpha 1 reviews are not convincing to me; they have little bass. In addition, I would use them occasionally as an alternative to my main system speakers, but they would be plugged into major electronics and not a NAD integrated.

At your stated budget, the more upmarket PSB Image B6 is more appropriate, with wider dynamics and deeper bass extension. There are rave reviews everywhere including this one from Stereophile. The measurements indicate a -5dB point at 40 Hz.

Or look for a used pair of Dynaudios at your budget. They're well known for good bass extension from a small monitor.
I highly recommend the B&W 685. For $500, I don't think you can bet a better bang for your bucks with these speakers.