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PS Audio Direcstream Snowmass Versions
This is very reason that I don't know if it's worth paying for new hardware in the future.  I am an electrical engineer and seeing how software can make dramatic audible differences on the same software, are we really paying for a new equipment or... 
Karaoke mixer preamp
I would look at the Bose Tone Match with the Bose L1 system. 
Krell HTS 7.1 set up
I have a remote for the HTS7.1.  It's a spare.  PM if you're interested.  Thanks. 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
B&W Nautilus 801.  Krell FPB 650 MCX 
Best used five-channel amp?
Cal Audio Labs CL2500-MCA, Theta Dreanaught, Krell order. 
Preamp - Processor for 2 channel music
I've owned Classe SSP-25, Cal Audio Labs SSP-2500, Citation 7.1, Theta Digital casanova, Krell HTS7.1 and the Krell HTS7.1 is the most musical HT processor, especially in 2-chan stereo.  It achieves 90% of my Krell KCT pre-amp. 
Best used five-channel amp?
If you can find one, CAL (California Audio Labs) MCA-2500.  It's a beast and can put out $500w/chan.   
Complete Starter Audio System $1000
I used to live in Tokyo where my apartment was much smaller than my dedicated music/ht room at home, I had the same speakers, B&W 685, driven by a tiny Wadia PowerDAC 151. I was really impressed by this combination. They are probably the best ... 
What is the best DAC under $3000
Ptss, ignoring the value, the PWDII sounds the best among all the DACs that I have owned. 
What is the best DAC under $3000
I currently have the SCD-777ES, Oppo105 and the PSAudio PWDII DAC. Of the three, the PSAudio is probably the best sounding DAC for the money. QN 
B&W 803D - Best amplifiers to drive them
I found B&W match very welll with the Krell FPB amps.QN 
Need multi-channel that's great on 2 channel
CAL MCA 2500 or Theta dreanaught 
B&W 801N and Bryston match
Velesmj,I love B&W midrange and tweeter but for my music taste demand speakers with decent low end bass. We got the B&W 801N for its sub and no amp could drive them properly. We tried the Pass Labs Monos and it sounded really awesome but t... 
B&W 801N and Bryston match
My buddy and I both own 801N. We took turn trying all kind of amps over the course of our ownership. Here is a list of amps that we both tried0. Yamaha dsp a1 receiver. Not funny.1. Bryston 7b st2. Pass lab monos3. Classe m1000 monos4. McIntosh 50... 
Need a monitor while floorstanders in storage
I highly recommend a pair of b&w 685.